Visual Arts Studio Monitor

Job Description

  • Monitor VARTS workspaces outside of class time, evenings or weekends
  • Specific Monitors needed for the following VARTS Studio Areas:
    • Sculpture
    • Ceramics
    • Photography
    • Painting/ Printmaking
  • Supervise shop equipment outside of class (a detailed set of responsibilities will be provided)
  • Maintain and inventory shop and studio
  • Maintain classroom equipment - easels, horses, lighting, etc.

Special Skills Needed:

  • Reliability & Organizational abilities
  • Familiarity with studio equipment and tools
  • Students will need to receive safety training prior to the start of Work-Study

Academic Major Preferred:
Visual Arts but open to all with media familiarity

*Students are prohibited from driving during work study employment with the limited exception of authorized work study driver positions.

Starting Date

Department Information

Contact Name

Michael Rich


Visual Arts

Phone Number

(401) 254-3769