Illustrator/Design Assistant

Job Description

The successful applicant will create multiple digital images and illustrations for an online OER (Open Educational Resources) oceanography textbook. The supervisor will provide templates and specifications for each image. It is anticipated that there will be at least 15, and potentially more than 30 images to be created. Images will become available for public use though Creative Commons licensing.

Special Skills Needed: 
Digital illustration/artistic skills and experience with digital illustration software is required. Experience with web design and CSS (cascading style sheets) is a plus, but is not required.

Academic Major Preferred: 
Any major is fine. Knowledge of marine science is helpful, but is not required.

*Students are prohibited from driving during work study employment with the limited exception of authorized work study driver positions.

Starting Date

Department Information

Contact Name

Dr. Paul Webb


Biology, Marine Biology and Environmental Science

Phone Number

(401) 254-3577