Student Support Coordinator – Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Job Description

This role will assist the student in recognizing opportunities within their academic program where diversity, equity, and inclusion work is needed in order to support students or colleagues of marginalized communities within their academic program and career field. They will gain insight and support from the Director, Assistant Directors, and support staff to help empower the student to become a leader for issues of concern with their peers, both in their academic program and in their chosen career path.

Year 1~ Responsibility/Function

August:The FIT employee will assess their position within their academic program and discuss with IC staff how they can leverage their skills and interests to benefit students within the IC/QTRAC and the general student-body, as well as identify areas within their future career path where DEI is needed.

September – November: This employee will participate in Intercultural Center programs to learn the importance of the Center’s initiatives. Student will help support the Administrative Assistant in recruiting students for Student Worker positions and assist in identifying students who stand out to assist each Assistant Director.

December – May: FIT student employee will assist IC staff with pre=-planning for spring programs, and continue to promote the IC and QTRAC spaces and initiatives within the general student-body.

Year 2~Responsibility/Function

The FIT employee will be integral in training of new student workers, and continue to resource and recruit student workers, leveraging their abilities and interests to help support the initiatives. Student will help orient new workers throughout the semester and assist with organization of team-building activities to help strengthen the Worker-body between IC, QTRAC, and student club/group/org members. This FIT employee will create programs that promote cross-initiative involvement to foster unity amongst students served by the offices in the IC. Student will continue to work on campus involvement/co-sponsoring of events with other groups to help promote the DEI initiatives and include marginalized students.

The FIT employee will help to create a student cohort, consisting of students who are capable of being the voice of the students served by the DEI, and are representative of our initiatives and their progress. These students will be the ones who are invited to listening sessions, panels, etc. and will also be responsible for rallying students for support in representation for identifying opportunities for the need for DEI work in aspects of campus.

Year 3 ~ Responsibility/Function

This FIT employee will act as a mentor to Student Workers, and help recognize students who are top-performers/driven for success to: a) fill role of the FIT student, and b) be the students to lead the future generation of Student Workers.

By this point, the student within the FIT program would have gained the knowledge on how to recognize and leverage potential in their peers, have had experience being a leader, and the opportunity to build programs to address and promote diversity, equity and inclusion. The student should also be able to identify how DEI work can be implemented into their chosen career field.

*Students are prohibited from driving during work-study employment with the limited exception of authorized work-study driver positions.

** All employees, including student employees, are required to participate in a short online training  that will prepare you with the new protocols for working on campus. Please click on the following link to complete your training:

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Stephen Laliberte


DEI – Intercultural Center (IC) & QTRAC

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