Fitness Monitor/Building Manager

Job Description

This job will allow students to work inside the fitness center checking ID’s and cleaning and other duties, but in year 2 and three it progresses to the building manager.  A building manager, the student, will supervise other student workers and have the responsibility of locking and unlocking doors, doing counts of the patron, etc.  The job will allow them to monitor and supervise social media pages for the fitness center and Club Sports. This position has been used by students in the past for job references and police academy references as an example of their leadership ability, the ability to work with others, supervise peers, responsibility, and provide supervision of the day to day operation of a facility.

Year 1

  • Supervise proper equipment use by students, faculty, and staff
  • Ensure that students, faculty, and staff are following dress code, policies, and procedures of the Center
  • Check equipment to make sure it is properly stored or secured such as weights that are not racked
  • Clean and wipe down Cardio and other exercise equipment
  • Monitor access to the Center by checking ID’s

Year 2

  • Open Fitness Center and recreation center on a daily basis including the basketball and racquetball courts and the pool
  • Lock and unlock rooms in recreation center as needed
  • Monitor student workers to ensure they are performing their duties daily
  • Ensure that a lifeguard is on duty before allowing access to the pool and pool area
  • Routinely check the building, making sure that it is secure, handle routine issues and refer issues requiring assistance, such malfunctioning equipment, doors, HVAC, etc. to the appropriate individual/department;
  • Routinely making counts of patron throughout recreation center  
  • Handle emergency situations, disturbances, alarms, etc. within the Center and coordinate response with relevant departments such as Public Safety, Facilities, Student Life, etc.
  • Continually check and maintain cleanliness of fitness area and check in desk

Year 3

  • Greet visitors, respond to questions, and provide information and referrals to other areas on campus
  • Be a resource for those who use the facilities
  • Monitor Social media for fitness center
  • Work special events as requested
  • Return to school before the official start
  • Stay until exam week in finished
  • Assist in Club Sports administration

Starting Date

Department Information

Contact Name

Dr. Mark J. Andreozzi



Phone Number