Digital Marketing Assistant

Job Description

The Digital Marketing FIT position provides a comprehensive training in creating and distributing effective digital content. Through the position, FIT students build skills and knowledge in writing, photography and video while developing an extensive portfolio and helping to advance the University’s mission.

FIT students will work alongside University staff specializing in writing, photography, video, web content and digital strategy. They will be given guidance and responsibility to take on big projects and deliver results. Throughout, they will have the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics from across the university.

By building a regular workflow and consistent stream of projects, the incumbent will develop a portfolio of work that demonstrates ability in multimedia production as well as story research and development. They will learn tactical and strategic skills for telling great stories and creating change.

Year 1

Work with University contacts and Editorial Services staff to review potential stories and determine the best ways to tell them. Stories will range between news items, campus life, event promotion/follow-up, profiles and more. The FIT student will work with staff to refine their interviewing, writing and storytelling skills with the goal of publishing stories to the University’s website and/or social media channels.

Year 2

Continue to build on the functions itemized in Year 1 with an additional focus on multimedia content production, specifically photography and video. Working with Editorial Services staff, the FIT student will learn more about the mechanics and composition of taking effective photos and video. They will learn editing and post-production skills and will produce multimedia stories for distribution on the University website and/or social media channels.

Year 3

Continue to build on the functions itemized in Years 1 & 2 and take on responsibility for the full process of creating effective digital content. Starting with strategy and moving through planning, production, editing and distribution, the FIT student will be the lead on significant, multifaceted storytelling projects. They will work developing a voice that is both genuine to the student experience and reflective of the University voice.

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Lynne Mello


Enrollment Management & Marketing

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