Athletics Communications Assistant

Job Description

If this student plans to work in collegiate athletics, this role will give him/her a vast amount of experience. In most athletic departments, the sports information/athletic communication department is essentially a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ role, where projects within athletics are usually delegated to that department. This position will help the student be prepared for such requests and be able to fulfill those tasks.

Year 1

Assist in operations of Athletic Communications Department, including compiling and keeping statistics, scoreboard operations, videotaping contests, in-game photography, office support, social media, and other duties as assigned.

Year 2

Strengthen and hone skills related to Athletic Communications with regards to writing, statistics, and troubleshooting issues during athletic events. By this time, the student should have a good grasp on the responsibilities of the department and should be familiar with how to conduct those roles. Under the supervisor’s direction and guidance, the student will learn more and give him/her the tools to succeed while increasing his/her level of responsibility.

Year 3

Essentially, having the student serve as a second Assistant Communications Director, with a high-level of autonomous responsibility for sports throughout each semester. The student, at this time, should be expected to know how to handle the day-to-day operations for coverage of his/her particular sport and would be able/expected to work with little direct supervision.

Starting Date

Department Information

Contact Name

Nicholas Williams



Phone Number