Communities of Hope: Cybersecurity Specialist

Job Description

Communities of Hope, a growing journalism and community news organization in the Department of Media, Design & Communication, is looking for a student worker to perform cybersecurity activities that protect the organization’s online data as well as the security and privacy of outside sources.

Working in this position, you will be expected to:

  • Ensure the organization’s data (website, online databases) remains secure from internal and external threats
  • Develop and implement information security standards, guidelines, procedures, and controls
  • Perform ongoing vulnerability testing to identify weaknesses
  • Develop strategies to prevent and react to data breaches
  • Grant permissions and privileges to authorized users, and monitor access-related activities
  • Configure anti-virus systems, firewalls, data centers, and software updates 
  • Provide employee training against phishing and other forms of cyberattack  

Special Skills Needed: 
Fundamental technical skills; Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

 Academic Major/Minor Preferred: 
Cybersecurity & Networking

Starting Date:
Applications will stay open until the position is filled.

*Students are prohibited from driving during work-study employment with the limited exception of authorized work-study driver positions.

**Only students who are fully vaccinated are permitted to work on-site.  Unvaccinated students will be permitted to only work remotely.

About Communities of Hope:
Communities of Hope is a community-driven solutions journalism news service working with specific groups of people who have been erased, marginalized, underrepresented, misrepresented, and maligned by mainstream media outlets.

Our mission is to empower people in those communities through training, paid work, information gathering, and educational storytelling so that they can participate in the public conversations about their histories, their roles in society, and the issues that affect them, making them a central part of the decision-making process.

Starting Date

Department Information

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Bernardo H. Motta


Department of Media, Design, & Communication

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