Communities of Hope: Assistant Digital Tool Master

Job Description

Communities of Hope (CoH), a growing journalism and community news organization in the Department of Media, Design & Communication, is looking for a student to become our Assistant Digital Tool Master.

The primary role of the Assistant Digital Tool Master will be to assist CoH director and staff in identifying, assessing, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness of digital tools to automate and boost CoH’s community engagement, publication, and audience development efforts.

The student working in this position will be expected to:

  • Communicate and work with each CoH team to learn their digital tool needs and develop a database or workflow to implement a program to match each team with the right tools.
  • Research, identify, and assess the best digital tools for each area of CoH’s programs, especially tools to improve community engagement, workflow, audience development, and documentation.
  • Spending time learning from and participating in Gather’s Tools & Technology community.
  • Implement, manage, and evaluate tools chosen for implementation.
  • Collaborate with CoH staff in building better ways to serve our communities through automation and the utilization of digital tools.
  • Work with Web Master, cybersecurity specialist, and social media managers to improve CoH’s digital footprint.

Special Skills Needed (You will learn most of it during the job): 
Knowledge of current digital technologies, including smart phones, web tools, social media, and applications, in particular those applied to the news media and community engagement environments; Coding and development of apps., Critical thinking; Time management and organizational skills.

Academic Major Preferred: 
Any majors with the technical skills above and a general understanding of news media and education programs may apply.

Starting Date:
Applications will stay open until the position is filled.

*Students are prohibited from driving during work-study employment with the limited exception of authorized work-study driver positions.

Starting Date

Department Information

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Bernardo H. Motta


Media + Design + Communication

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