Study Abroad Programs

Hundreds of Roger Williams students you see on campus are either just back from a semester or short-term program abroad, or just about to leave for one. Right now, students are studying theater in London, arts and architecture in Florence and marine biology in Bermuda and Belize – all programs that are directly sponsored by Roger Williams University.

Central to Roger Williams University's mission is the belief that a complete college education today involves study abroad. Our message to students is simple: Go Global! Experience other cultures. Develop a new worldview. Carry the knowledge gained from study abroad into your life-long learning and careers that increasingly are enhanced by first-hand international and intercultural experiences.

Roger Williams University offers several study abroad programs that are administered directly by Roger Williams University as well as programs offered through our affiliated partners.

No matter what type of experience you're interested in, Roger Williams University has a program for you.

Semester and Academic Year Programs offer many different program models. University-based programs provide a well-structured opportunity for students to expand their knowledge of the host culture and to develop a well-grounded perceptual understanding of their new environment. Academic credit is primarily acquired through classroom instruction, although certain courses (e.g., art, history, civilization) will complement classroom instruction with field trips and cultural excursions. Language and culture-based programs are designed to encourage and motivate students to immerse themselves as much as possible into the local culture. Discipline-specific programs allow certain majors to participate in an immersive program that incorporates field work into the academic offerings.

Faculty-led Programs are another option for Roger Williams University students. These programs are offered during Winter Intersession, Spring Break, Mini-Mester and Summer Session timeframes. These program are academically based, credit bearing courses that incorporate travel to a specific location.

Service Learning and International Internships are two areas that students are very interested in pursuing while studying abroad. Roger Williams University offers many programs that incorporate both service learning and internship opportunities. There are also some internship-specific programs available where students can earn credit for their work experience.