Remote Students

Students who wish to be remote for the spring 2021 semester, please review the information below on how to proceed.

In preparation for the Spring 2021 semester, the University recognized that students would have different needs given the on-going pandemic.  Most students would be returning to in-person learning but others would not be able to return to campus due to the pandemic. The University committed to offering options for both in-person and remote learning so students could choose what would work best for their needs. Remote students were defined as students who would be accessing all of their classes online with no in-person classes and were instructed to sign up as remote learners.

Now that the semester is underway, if students decide they must switch to remote learning from in-person learning, they should contact the Center for Student Academic Success to discuss their options. Students can contact CSAS by emailing with their name, student id number and their reason for inquiring about remote learning. A CSAS staff member will then contact them to discuss.