Advising for Students

Are you a student who is undeclared, thinking about going undeclared or considering changing major?  If so, the following questions might be on your mind.

How can The Center for Student Academic Success help me with academic advising?

Academic Advisors in the Center for Student Academic Success provide developmental advising to all deciding first year students, and to any student in transition; that is, any student who is unsure about his or her decision to major in a particular discipline. Academic Advisors are specialists in assessment and young adult development. We are generalists in terms of our knowledge of academic programs; we rely on our faculty colleagues to provide guidance and clarification of the detailed requirements of any major. Deciding Students meet with an assigned Academic Advisor, as well as a Peer Mentor, several times throughout the freshman year. This intensive, holistic advising process ensures each deciding student makes an informed and confident decision about a program of study, usually by the end of the freshman year. Academic Advisors will assist you in selecting courses that will help you explore possible majors. Academic Advisors also require deciding students to research the labor market. This research helps a deciding student understand the value and usefulness of any major in today's job market.

Why do I also have an assigned Faculty Advisor?

Deciding students are also assigned a Faculty Advisor because all students are required to meet with a Faculty Advisor each semester to have course selection approved and the electronic hold on a student's registration lifted.

What is the role of my Faculty Advisor?

If you are declared in a major, your Faculty Advisor provides academic advising on the curriculum and related issues. Faculty Advisors are experts in their fields. You can expect your Faculty Advisor to provide guidance and advice on course selection and sequencing, major requirements, Core Curriculum requirements, and academic expectations and regulations. Your Faculty Advisor can also offer assistance and guidance as you begin to plan for graduation. Developing a successful job search strategy for a 'first destination' out of college is very important. Your Faculty Advisor can provide information and referrals to help you in your job search. Any changes you make to your program of study (new minor, core concentration, second major) require the completion of a Major Adjustment Form. Your Faculty Advisor can assist you with this.

What Can I Do With This Major?

Not sure on a major? Confused about employment opportunities associated with a particular major? What Can I Do With This Major? is a helpful resource. Click on the link here for a resource:

It provides information on careers associated with a specific major, typical employers that hire students in this field and strategies to maximize career opportunities. Understand that the areas and websites are representative of typical career paths associated with each major and are not an exhaustive list.

What if I am having trouble registering for classes?

Advising staff and Peer Mentors are available on a walk-in basis to help you resolve any issues impacting your ability to register.  If you are just unsure how to navigate the online registration system, please refer to the On-line Registration Tutorial The following link serves as a step by step instruction guide on self-registering for classes using RogerCentral.