Undeclared Student Resources

From planning your path to finding it, Roger Williams University supports you whether you have an idea of your major, are split between majors, or still searching for the perfect program for you!

Tailored Academic Advising

From Day 1, undeclared students are intentionally matched with career and academic advisors to help you find the best program and path for you.

4 years to graduation

You'll have plenty of time to explore. RWU's flexible curriculum allows for students to get a hands-on and real look into potential majors while still remaining on a four-year path to graduation! 

Flexible curriculum

Our curriculum is designed with flexibility and individuality in mind. Over 80% of students graduate with more than just a single major. 

At RWU, we encourage students to explore all of the many options available to them for majors as well as minors and core concentrations. There are a lot of resources on campus to support students through this process from their faculty academic advisor to professional advisors in the Advising Office and staff in the Center for Career & Professional Development, just to name a few.  

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Where Do I Start?

Not sure about a major? Thinking about changing your major? If you find yourself saying yes to either of these questions, please know that you are not alone! That's perfectly okay. We're excited to work with you to find your path. Many students enter college unsure about their future plans and many returning students find themselves wanting to explore other academic areas. We support this exploration and will support you through the process. Please let us know if you would like to have a conversation about your options by reaching out to the Advising Office. We will set up an appointment with one of our professional advisors and help you begin your exploration.

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First-Year Support

We believe it is important for students who are exploring majors to have as much support as possible. Every RWU student is required to meet with their assigned Faculty Academic Advisor every semester before registering for classes to discuss their plans and get guidance on course selection, sequencing and major requirements. Deciding students are provided the additional support of an Academic Advisor from the Advising Office to assist them with major and career exploration and to guide them through utilizing all of the campus resources that can help them with their decision making.



Tailored Academic Support

From assessing your strengths, weaknesses, and passions to reviewing future job outlooks for majors you consider, our Centers for Student Academic Success (CSAS) and Career & Professional Development (CCPD) will help you find your path. 

CSAS advisors are familiar with RWU's wide array of programs and can refer students to the appropriate faculty in those areas for more detailed conversations about the major. The Center also provides academic enrichment workshops and opportunities throughout the year for help with test anxiety, time management, and so much more!


Discover resources available through CCPD

Learn about services available through CSAS
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Paired with Peer Mentors

Every student is paired with an experienced and trained Peer Mentor who will be a friendly support system to assist in the transition from high school to college life. Peer Mentors check in with mentees frequently throughout a student’s entire first academic year to provide helpful guidance and insights. From helping you find where your classes are, to providing advice and directing you to support, these mentors are your guide to all things RWU.

Learn more about Peer Mentors

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