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What We Offer

By using the Center for Career & Professional Development, all students who have completed a Roger Williams University undergraduate or graduate degree will have the self-knowledge, tools and skills to successfully navigate lifelong careers. The Center for Career & Professional Development challenges our students to answer the following questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you want to do?
  • How will you get there?

To assist students in the difficult process of career discovery and career exploration, the Center for Career & Professional Development utilizes assessments such as the O*Net Interest Profiler. This is an interactive career-planning tool that will collect data about a student’s interests, preferences, and skills, and provide students with suggested career paths based on their individual data set. With the results of this self-assessment, and a consultation with a career counselor, students will have detailed information about career options and an objective baseline from which to conduct a strategic search.

How Parents Can Participate in our Students Successes

Parents can help drive students to our office for our services and programs. The Center for Career & Professional Development wants our students to have a plan in place prior to graduation, if possible. Parents play an important role in guiding and encouraging their students. Together, we can ensure your child is on a path of their choosing. Please review the materials in the Career Guide to get an idea of how your student can begin on this path.

Consider “liking” us on Facebook where we post all of our events, as well as some of the great internships and jobs that come into our office. Find us on Facebook at RWU Center for Career and Professional Development.

We suggest that parents educate themselves in order to help their child with career planning.  To start, read about college hiring and get the latest job-search advice. Look at resources that offer resume help and interview tips.  

Parents need to know how a college degree will help their student get a job.  By having your student actively engage in all the Center for Career & Professional Development has to offer will significantly increase their career-readiness.  Reading Making College Pay will help you understand what your college student should do as early as their first year at college.  

If you are a working professional, consider hosting our students through the Winter Externship Program, a job shadowing opportunity for students to learn about industry, professions and career paths by companies and participating in daily activities. Offer an internship to students where they can get academically rigorous hands-on experience for a minimum of 135 hours while they earn three credits. Recruit RWU graduating seniors and alumni for professional positions within your organization. Post them in Handshake and interview the candidates on-campus.

Family Guide to Career Development