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Important Dates

To get a list of internship registration and assignment deadline dates, please login to your Hawks Hunt account and click on the Resources and Guides Icon.

Internship Deadline Guide

Internship Prerequisites

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Students wishing to participate in the Internship Program at Roger Williams University must satisfy the following prerequisites:


  • Completion of freshman year; 2.0 GPA or higher
  • Transfer students must have completed one semester at RWU
  • Students must be in “Good Standing” with the University
  • Free elective remaining in academic program when applicable

Preregistration Steps:

  • Complete the Career Planning Seminars:
  • Required by all students before a credit bearing internship or practicum, either to fulfill a requirement or as an elective, are required to attend the Career Planning Seminars in a semester prior to registering for their internship
  • To register for the seminars, please log into your Hawks Hunt at
  • Secure an internship
  • Obtain job description from your employer
  • Confirm Site Supervisor and contact information. Site Supervisor: a member of the organization you are working for, that will be directly supervising your internship. They must have a background in your field, sign off on the internship during the registration process via Hawks Hunt, and complete a final evaluation at the end of the semester
  • Confirm a Faculty Sponsor. Faculty Sponsor: a full-time faculty member within your major. Sponsor will be responsible for grading your internship based on your reflection paper and performance evaluation

*Practicum program has an assigned faculty sponsor upon registration

Registration Steps (must be completed by the semester’s add/drop deadline)

Students can participate in more than one Internship for credit as long as their academic program allows it. Students are limited to a maximum of 15 credits of independent study or Internship course credit in any combination during their time at RWU (refer to the University Catalog). For more information, please contact Pam Fournier, Program Coordinator at 401.254.3327 or via email at

Majors with Required Internship or Practicum

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The following majors have an internship or Practicum as part of a graduation requirement:

  • Accounting
  • Arts Management (minor)
  • Cybersecurity (practicum model)
  • Educational Studies
  • Global Communication
  • Graphic Design
  • International Business
  • Journalism
  • Legal Studies (practicum model)
  • Legal Studies and Law (3+3) (practicum model)
  • Management
  • Media Communications
  • Networking and Security Assurance (practicum model)
  • Psychology (practicum model)
  • Public Health (practicum model)
  • Public Relations
  • Visual Arts
  • Web Development

*Majors with practicum model, please refer to the policies & procedures for that model.

Career Planning Seminar Information

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All students who are participating in the internship and practicum programs and wish to obtain credit, either to fulfill a requirement or as an elective, are required to attend these preparatory seminars in a semester prior to registering for their Internship. A series of ten sessions that will cover the policies and procedures of the program, correlation of majors to careers, social media as a research tool and networking instrument, resume and cover letter development, interviewing strategies and professionalism.  Students can register for the series that best meets their schedule on Hawks Hunt and clicking on the Career Planning Seminar icon. 

Specialized Internship Programs

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Intern in Washington, DC for a semester or a summer with the Washington Internship Institute

Experience Beyond--and in--the Classroom

  • Four days a week, you will contribute to meaningful projects and tasks in professional settings like federal agencies, Congressional offices, embassies, businesses, and a variety of nonprofit and advocacy organizations.
  • Internships available for most majors and fields.
  • Take courses designed to enhance your internship experience and your future career.
  • Spend your time exploring DC's landmarks and culture.

How It Works

  • Apply online at
  • Consult one-on-one with Washington Internship Institute staff to find internship hosts tailored to your interests and goals.
  • Apply for internships, interview, and receive offers for internships.
  • Come to the nation's capital!

Credits and Fees

  • Earn Roger Williams University credits – up to 15 for a semester.
  • Pay Roger Williams University tuition and housing fees.
  • Federal financial aid applies, and additional financial aid is available from the Washington Internship Institute.

Visit for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I enter my internship or practicum information in Hawks Hunt?

A: Please watch this tutorial video on how to enter your info in Hawks Hunt

How many hours do I have to work?

A: Internship model 45 hours per credit received (ex: 3 credits = 135 hours)

A: Practicum model 45 hours per credit received (ex: 3 credits = 15 hours of class room time and 120 hours worked at site totaling 135)

Will I get a paid internship?

A: Depends on the company. Both paid and unpaid internships can be done for credit

How are internships graded?

A: Grades are awarded on a pass/no pass or letter grade system. Please contact the Center for Career & Professional Development for more information, 401.254.3224 or via email at

Can I do my internship at home during the summer or winter sessions?

A: Yes, and students must still complete the preparation seminars before they register. A separate tuition bill will be generated registering for summer or winter intersessions.

Can I receive credit for an internship I did last semester but didn't register for?

A: No, you must complete your hours within the semester you are registered. If you were not registered while interning, you may not receive retroactive credit.

*Disclaimer: The Roger Williams University Center for Career & Professional Development offers Hawks Hunt in order to provide easier access to position postings. The presence of these links does not indicate an endorsement or recommendation from RWU Center for Career & Professional Development.

 The Center for Career & Professional Development is not responsible for safety, security, wages, working conditions, or any other aspect of off-campus employment. All hiring, scheduling, and compensation is handled directly between the applicant and the employer. The Center for Career & Professional Development does not perform background checks on students, companies, and/or contacts. Users assume the risk and responsibility to further screen employers. Therefore, job seekers are responsible for researching and investigating job leads for themselves. Any cases of misrepresentation, discrimination or harassment must be immediately reported to the Roger Williams University Center for Career & Professional Development. By uploading your resume and any other document, you are consenting to the release of otherwise private information for review by potential employers who have registered with the Center for Career & Professional Development.

 Causes for concern:

• The company asks you to cash checks, wire money, or provide your social security number.

• Something seems odd in the job posting or in your communication with the company.

Listen to your instincts if something doesn’t seem quite right. Always research the company before submitting your resume or personal information.

Hawks Hunt is your first stop to find opportunities targeted specifically to RWU Students and Alumni. All interviews need to be conducted at the Center for Career & Professional Development or the place of business.

Externship Program

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Roger Williams University continually strives to create experiential learning opportunities for our students. Our Winter Externship Program is just one more avenue to connect our students to career professionals out in the field. Through the Externship Program, students will have the opportunity to shadow a professional for as long as three full days during the first three weeks in January. In the field, externs will engage in meetings, presentations, brainstorming sessions, site visits and any other activity that may demonstrate an actual work day.

This program will help students to do the following:

  1. Educates them about various careers
  2. Helps them to chose a major, minor or second major
  3. Helps them gain an understanding of a field, career or industry
  4. Helps them transition from college to work
  5. Builds their professional network
  6. Provides an understanding of employment trends, salaries and career ladders
  7. Introduces them to the variety of departments that make up an organization

This program will help employers to do the following:

  1. Build a partnership with the University
  2. Increase corporate visibility on-campus
  3. Bring better educated candidates to the organization
  4. Shape the future of an organization or career

Registration is now closed.