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Mission Statement:

The Center for Career & Professional Development provides resources and connections for students to achieve life-long success.

Center for Career & Professional Development
Global Heritage Hall - First Floor
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Bristol, RI  02809
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Alexandra Finney

Alexandra Finney, M.Ed | Assistant Director


Master of Education in Higher Education Administration, Merrimack College
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Merrimack College

Quick Question Drop-Ins:
Thursday 9:00-11:00am (CCPD Office)

Advising Areas:
Gallup-Strengths Coaching

Clifton Strengths: Activator | Maximizer | Individualization | Communication | Woo

Career Advisor

Advising Areas:
Gabelli School of Business
All Majors

School of Architecture & Historic Preservation
All Majors

Brien Duff

Brien Duff, M.Ed | Career Advisor


Master of Education in Counseling, Providence College
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and English Literature, University of Rhode Island

Quick Question Drop-Ins:
Monday 9:30-11:30am (MNS Lobby)
Wednesday 10:00-12:00pm (SECCM Lobby)
Thursday 1:00-3:00pm (FCAS Lobby)

Advising Areas:
School of Engineering, Computing & Construction Management
All Majors

School of Social and Natural Sciences
All Majors

Clifton Strengths: Strategic | Learner | Intellection | Connectedness | Ideation

Pam Fournier

Pam Fournier, M.Ed | Career Advisor


Master of Education in Counseling, Providence College
Bachelor of Arts in General Studies with a Concentration in Psychology, Roger Williams University

Quick Question Drop-Ins:
Tuesday 2:00-4:00pm (FCAS Lobby)
Wednesday 2:00-4:00pm (CCPD Office)

Advising Areas:
School of Humanities, Arts, and Education

All Majors

School of Justice Studies
All Majors

Clifton Strengths: Empathy | Restorative | Developer | Harmony | Positivity

Rena Piller-Thurston

Rena Piller-Thurston | Assistant Director, Experiential Learning


Bachelor of Arts in History, Roger Williams University

Drop-In Hours:
Tuesday 2:00-4:00pm (CCPD Office)
Thursday 10:00-12:00pm (CCPD Office)

Focus Areas: Internships, Practicums, Externships, Alumni Relations

Clifton Strengths: Context | Input | Learner | Restorative | Developer

Sierra Zschirnt

Sierra Zschirnt | Associate Director, External Relations


Bachelors in Administration of Justice, Salve Regina University

Focus Areas:
Employer Relations and Alumni Engagement

Clifton Strengths: Consistency | Discipline | Restorative | Achiever | Focus


Stephen Cantine

Stephen Cantine, MS | Associate Dean


Master of Science in Career Counseling, California State University
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, State University of New York-College
Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice, Hudson Valley Community College

Focus Areas:
Employer Relations and Alumni Engagement

Clifton Strengths: Futuristic | Ideation | Command | Strategic | Deliberative

To make an appointment with your Career Advisor, please log into Handshake and request an appointment. *If you are a SAAHP, GSB, or student, please call the center to schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor 401.254.3224.

Career Peer Mentors   

Career Peer Mentors work directly with students during drop-in hours to develop resumes and cover letters. They also promote CCPD services and help encourage their peers to take advantage of CCPD resources and other internship search engines. Career Peer Mentors conduct presentations on various topics at the request of RA’s, student groups, and faculty. 

Please come visit a CPM during drop-in hours or email your resume to resumes@g.rwu.edu to be critiqued by a CPM.

Drop-in Hours: 
Daily | 10:00-4:00pm   

If you have work study, and want to become a Career Peer Mentor please contact Alexandra Finney at afinney@rwu.edu for details on how to apply.

Jordan Mason jordan-mason-ccpd.jpg
Major: Psychology 
Year: Senior
Hometown: Durham, ME 
• 4 years with the CCPD.   

Rebecca Rhodes rebecca-rhodes-ccpd.jpg
Major: International Business 
Year: Senior 
Hometown: Winchester, NH 
• 3 years with the CCPD.   

Mary Santoro mary-santoro-ccpd.jpg
Major: Psychology 
Year: Junior
Hometown: Madison, CT 
• 2 years with the CCPD.   

Kevin Deeb Kevin-Deeb.jpg
Major: Psychology 
Year: Senior
Hometown: Westwood, MA 
• 3 years with the CCPD. 

Ashley Pollock ashley-pollock-ccpd.jpg
Major: Cybersecurity
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Berwick, ME 
• 2 years with the CCPD.   

Kristiana (Ana) Cloutier ana-cloutier-ccpd.jpg   
Major: Psychology
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: East Hampton, CT 
• 2 years with the CCPD.  

Madison ZammarelliZammarelli_150x165.jpg   
Major: Communications & Media Studies
Year: Senior
Hometown: Lincoln, R.I.
• 1 year with the CCPD.