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The RWU student experience is packed with hands-on projects, real-world opportunities, unique program offerings, personalized interactions with faculty, and much more. All of it meant to help students discover their passions while preparing for a successful career and a fulfilling life. Our students are independent thinkers, scholars, leaders, scientists, architects, artists, researchers, world travelers, athletes, and more.

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  • A headshot of Daymar Rosser

    A Champion Networker

    Daymar Rosser, RWU Class of 2018

    Public Relations

    At RWU, we actively seek students who are willing challenge themselves, try new things and develop real-world experience. Daymar Rosser, a West Philadelphia native who was captain when RWU's National Polo Team went on a championship run, is a prime example.

  • A headshot of Blair Carroll

    Gaining Experience on Campus

    Blair Carroll, RWU Class of 2013

    Graphic Design Communication

    At Roger Williams, it's not just our academic courses or off-site internship programs that helps us prepare students for a successful life and career.

  • A headshot of Galen Shrand

    Future Change Maker

    Galen Shrand, RWU Class of 2018

    Chinese + Political Science

    Galen Shrand has always had sights on making a positive impact in the world. Here at RWU, he's being given the skills to do just that. A pivotal experience, so far, has been learning the Chinese language.

  • A headshot of Brittany Watson

    The Right Decision

    Brittany Watson, RWU Class of 2019


    Brittany Watson chose RWU because of its warm, welcoming community. Now, more than ever, Watson is convinced she made the right decision.

  • A headshot of Sarah Wood

    Choosing Her Own Path

    Sarah Wood, RWU Class of 2019

    Political Science

    One of the things Sarah Wood, an Honors Program member who was also recently named to the National Political Science Honor Society, enjoys most about RWU is the flexibility and guidance the university provides to create her own path.

  • A headshot of professor Douglas White

    Cyber Disruptor

    Douglas White, Program Director

    Cybersecurity & Networking

    Professor Douglas White was one of the earliest pioneers in cybersecurity. Now, almost everyone understands what he’s known all along: cybersecurity is a massive issue.

  • A headshot of Alexia Byusa wearing a hardhat

    Beyond Theory

    Alexia Byusa, RWU Class of 2017


    Choosing a college major couldn’t have been simpler for Alexia Byusa. Now she's an RWU alumna with the knowledge and experience to design the cities of tomorrow as a civil engineer.

  • A headshot of Jason Hall

    Discovering Opportunities

    Jason Hall, RWU Class of 2018

    Web Development

    For Jason Hall, being involved with a few of the more than 75 campus clubs and organizations has extended his education at RWU beyond the classroom in a very special way.

  • A headshot of Meghan Curran in a middle school classroom

    Learning for Others

    Meghan Curran, RWU Class of 2017

    Elementary Education

    Meghan Curran, like all RWU students and alumni, is a constant learner unafraid to challenge herself with new experiences and learn new skills that could benefit her elementary students.

  • A headshot of alumni Jim Kelley

    Project Manager

    Jim Kelley, RWU Class of 2016


    At Roger Williams, learning about leadership can happen both in the classroom and around campus. Jim Kelley is already putting what he learned to good use.