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The RWU student experience is packed with hands-on projects, real-world opportunities, unique program offerings, personalized interactions with faculty, and much more. All of it meant to help students discover their passions while preparing for a successful career and a fulfilling life. Our students are independent thinkers, scholars, leaders, scientists, architects, artists, researchers, world travelers, athletes, and more.

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  • A student speaking with a faculty member.

    Thriving in Science

    Kiserian Jackson, RWU Class of 2018


    Even before Kiserian Jackson presented scientific research projects at a regional conference, he had been recognized by RWU as a young leader capable of accomplishing great things.

  • A headshot of Amanda Keane '15

    Reaching a Childhood Dream

    Amanda Keane, RWU Class of 2015


    Ever since she was a child, Amanda Keane knew one thing about her career: she wanted to be on TV. After graduating from RWU's journalism program and working for the last two years as an on-air reporter, Keane got her wish, and so much more.

  • A headshot of Chelsea Boulrisse, Class of 2016

    Embodying a Reporter

    Chelsea Boulrisse, RWU Class of 2016


    When Chelsea Boulrisse landed a job in Wabash, Indiana as a reporter, she knew her first months would be spent establishing herself as a trusted journalist in the community. With her comprehensive degree from RWU, Chelsea did just that.

  • A headshot of Rosalvens Saint Jean

    Ticking All the Boxes & More

    Rosalvens Saint Jean, RWU Class of 2018


    For Rosalvens Saint Jean, RWU ticked every box on what he was looking for in a university. Find out why.

  • A headshot of Willhem Delventhal

    Technical Entrepreneur

    Willhem Delventhal, RWU Class of 2015


    In selecting a university that would help him get to Silicon Valley, Delventhal chose RWU.

  • Finance alumna obtains industry experience on campus

    Bringing Industry on Campus

    Carla Puchini, RWU Class of 2017


    Gaining industry experience while still in college is the perfect way to jump start your career. Just ask Guilford, Connecticut native Carla Puchini.

  • A headshot of Laura Vincent

    A Community Liaison

    Laura Vincent, RWU Class of 2017


    A remarkable trait shared by faculty, staff, and most importantly students at Roger Williams, is a strong commitment to improving the community. Just ask Laura Vincent.

  • A headshot of Emily Adler

    Breaking In

    Emily Adler, RWU Class of 2017

    Visual Arts

    As a visual arts student, Emily Adler learned making great art is only part of a successful career as a professional artist. Knowing how to share your craft effectively is just as important.

  • A headshot of Virgina Albert

    Passion and Drive

    Virgina Albert, RWU Class of 2017


    Recent graduate Virgina Albert, like many RWU students, shows great passion for working on community issues and using her education to positively impact the lives of individuals and families.