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The RWU student experience is packed with hands-on projects, real-world opportunities, unique program offerings, personalized interactions with faculty, and much more. All of it meant to help students discover their passions while preparing for a successful career and a fulfilling life. Our students are independent thinkers, scholars, leaders, scientists, architects, artists, researchers, world travelers, athletes, and more.

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  • Headshot of Rebecca Millard

    Inside the Crime Lab: Getting a Foot in the Door

    Rebecca Millard, RWU Class of 2018

    Forensic Science

    Forensic science major Rebecca Millard got a real-world taste of crime-scene investigation working with a faculty member at the Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory this summer. It gave her an edge at getting into Boston University’s School of Medicine for Biomedical Forensic Science.

  • Headshot of Ava M.

    Closer to Her Dream

    Ava Mastrostefano, RWU Class of 2018

    Marine Biology

    Ava Mastrostefano came to RWU with a dream. Now, she is on the brink of making her dream come true.

  • A headshot of Nick Corey

    The Value of Internships

    Nick Corey, RWU Class of 2017

    Web Development + Graphic Design Communication

    As a student, Nick Corey, who was recently hired as a specialist in digital/strategy at (add)ventures in Providence, learned the value of internships. Let him tell you about it here.

  • Headshot of Isabel Clark

    Helping Better Society

    Isabel Clark, RWU Class of 2019


    At RWU, we are building the university the world needs now by addressing problems that matter most to society. Our students embody this work. For proof, look at national award-winning student Isabel Clark.

  • Headshot of Corey Letendre

    Discovering His Passion To Help

    Cory Letendre, RWU Class of 2018

    Public Health

    At RWU, Cory Letendre realized his true passion. It led him to invest over 400 hours volunteering at a local clinic.

  • A headshot of Maggie Daubenspeck

    When Language Travels the World

    Maggie Daubenspeck, RWU Class of 2017

    Creative Writing

    Maggie Daubenspeck’s love of poetry has carried her from her quaint hometown of Franklin Massachusetts, to some of the world’s most famous cities. It was a love that she discovered at RWU.

  • Headshot of Ash Lago

    From Small School Magazine to Big Time Publisher

    Ash Lago, RWU Class of 2010

    English Literature

    A lot of English and creative writing majors dream of connecting with renowned American novelists and famous literary critics. For RWU graduate Ash Lago, however, this is no dream. This is everyday life.

  • Headshot of Tyler Porter

    A Peace Keeper

    Tyler Porter, RWU Class of 2020


    Sometimes it's not just what you do in the classroom but what you do outside that makes the difference. Find out what that means for Tyler Porter.