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Whether you're looking to make up courses, pick up additional credits or build your skills in a particular area, our variety of course offerings and affordable tuition will get you where you want to go. At UC, anyone can take a class. We make it easy to register and easy to transfer credits.

It just takes a few minutes to get set up to take a course as a visiting student at UC. Here are the steps:

Step One: Pick a Course

Select the term below and pick the course key for the course that you are interested in taking.

Spring Semester - Jan. 22, 2020 - May 13, 2020

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In the spring semester we have a range of courses that students can use to get ahead. This schedule is subject to change.

Course KeyCourse NameCreditsDayStart TimeEnd Time
BUSN.305.21CLegal Environ of Busn I3    We        06:45 PM09:30 PM
CD.220.31CIssues in Comnty Development3Mo            06:15 PM09:00 PM
CD.351.91CSust Econ & Comnty Dev3                
CD.352.31CNon-Profit Management3  Tu          06:15 PM09:00 PM
CD.430.91CSpTp:Community Developmnt3                
CD.521.31CSocial Theories Comm Based Pr3      Th      06:15 PM09:00 PM
CD.530.91CSpTp:Sust Community&Econ Dev3                
CD.558.91CGraduate Thesis Capstone6                
CIS.105.21CData Analys/Analys w Excel3Mo            06:45 PM09:30 PM
CJS.106.91CAppl Concepts Justice Stds3                
CJS.150.91CPolicing in America3                
CJS.200.31CIntro Criminalistics3  Tu          06:15 PM09:00 PM
CJS.204.91CConstitutional Law3                
CJS.320.91CCrim & Civ Proc in Courts3                
EDPR.100.41CChild Dev & Prac-Infnt Toddler3  Tu          06:15 PM09:00 PM
EMS.121.41CEMT Basic6  Tu  Th      06:00 PM09:45 PM
EMS.211.41CEMT Paramedic I6Mo  We        06:00 PM10:00 PM
FNCE.301.21CFinancial Management3      Th      06:45 PM09:30 PM
FNCE.327.21CPersonal Financial Planning3    We        06:45 PM09:30 PM
FNCE.350.21CFinancial Statement Analysis3  Tu          06:45 PM09:30 PM
HCA.105.91CIntro to Public Health3                
HCA.413.31CMoral/Ethical Issues Health C3  Tu          06:00 PM09:00 PM
HCA.459.91CSeminar in Managed Care3                
IB.450.21CMultinatl Corps/European Union3  Tu          06:45 PM09:30 PM
IDS.150.91CCultural Awareness in a Global3                
IDS.200.91CIntroduction to Interdisciplin3                
IDS.210.31CEffective Speaking Across Audi3Mo            06:15 PM09:00 PM
IDS.299.31CProfessional Ethics1      Th      06:15 PM09:00 PM
IDS.300.91CProfessional Presentations3                
IDS.450.31CResearch in Interdiciplinary3    We        06:15 PM09:00 PM
IT.119.91CManufacturing Process I3                
IT.219.91CManufacturing & Environ Issue3                
IT.241.91CIntro Environ Studies3                
MATH.110.41CMath/The Modern World3    We        06:15 PM09:00 PM
MATH.110.91CMath/The Modern World3                
MATH.124.41CBasic Statistics3      Th      06:15 PM09:00 PM
MATH.124.91CBasic Statistics3                
MATH.141.21CFinite Mathematics3Mo    Th      05:00 PM06:20 PM
MGMT.200.21CPrinciples of Management3      Th      06:45 PM09:30 PM
MGMT.302.21COrganizational Behav3  Tu          06:45 PM09:30 PM
MGMT.330.21COperations Management3    We        06:45 PM09:30 PM
MGMT.450.21CMultinational Corporations3  Tu          06:45 PM09:30 PM
MGMT.499.21CStrategic Management3  Tu          06:45 PM09:30 PM
MGMT.499.22CStrategic Management3    We        06:45 PM09:30 PM
MRKT.200.21CMarketing Principles3Mo            06:45 PM09:30 PM
MRKT.301.21CAdvertising Principles3      Th      06:45 PM09:30 PM
MRKT.335.21CConsumer Behavior3  Tu          06:45 PM09:30 PM
MUSIC.101.91CMusic Appreciation3                
MUSIC.161.41CThe Art of Rock & Roll3      Th      06:15 PM09:00 PM
PA.201.91CPublic Admin3                
PA.306.91CCity Management3                
PA.360.31CComm in Organizations3  Tu          06:15 PM09:00 PM
PA.363.91CPublic Financial Admin3                
PA.430.31CSpTp:Public Safety Officers'3    We        06:15 PM09:00 PM
PHYS.240.31CIntroductory Astronomy4    We        06:15 PM09:00 PM
PLS.100.41CIntro Law/Legal Studies3Mo            06:15 PM09:00 PM
PLS.101.31CCrim Law for Paralegal3  Tu          06:00 PM09:00 PM
PLS.101.91CCrim Law for Paralegal3                
PLS.110.41CEmerg Tech Legal Environ3  Tu          06:15 PM09:00 PM
PLS.120.91CLaw in Contemp Society3                
PLS.210.41CLegal Research & Wtng I3      Th      06:15 PM09:00 PM
PLS.211.41CLegal Rsrch & Wtng II3      Th      06:15 PM09:00 PM
PLS.211.45CLegal Rsrch & Wtng II3      Th      06:00 PM09:00 PM
PLS.211.91CLegal Rsrch & Wtng II3                
PLS.221.31CLaw of Contracts3Mo            06:00 PM09:00 PM
PLS.221.91CLaw of Contracts3                
PLS.222.31CLaw of Busn Organiz3  Tu          06:00 PM09:00 PM
PLS.222.91CLaw of Busn Organiz3                
PLS.236.41CMed & Legal Malpractice3      Th      06:15 PM09:00 PM
PLS.250.41CWorkers' Compensation3Mo            06:15 PM09:00 PM
PLS.310.45CLitigation I3Mo            06:00 PM09:00 PM
PLS.311.41CLitigation II3    We        06:15 PM09:00 PM
PLS.311.91CLitigation II3                
PLS.360.41CReal Est Conv/Title Srch3    We        06:15 PM09:00 PM
PLS.373.91CInternatl Law for Paralegals3                
PLS.400.91CLegal Ethics1                
PLS.401.41CParalegal Internship3                
PLS.420.41CLegal Capstone Course3  Tu          06:15 PM09:00 PM
PLS.420.91CLegal Capstone Course3                
PLS.430.91CSpTp:Social Security Law3                
PPSS.120.91CIntro to Corrections3                
PPSS.130.91CInto to Emerg Med Services3                
PPSS.140.31CIntro to Physical & Cyber Sec3    We        06:15 PM09:00 PM
PSYCH.240.91CQuantitative Analysis3                
PSYCH.340.41CResearch Methods3      Th      06:15 PM09:00 PM
SEC.101.91CIntro to Computer Software3                
SEC.201.91CIntroduction to Networking3                
SEC.231.91CAdvanced Networking3                
SEC.310.91CLinux Server Administration3                
SEC.320.91CDigital Forensics3                
SEC.330.91CPenetration Testing I3                
SEC.340.91CCodes Codemakers/Codebreakers3                
SEC.400.91CForensic Hardware & Acquisitn3                
SEC.415.91CIntrusion Detection3                
SEC.420.91CDigital Forensics II3                
SEC.421.91CMobile Device Forensics3                
SEC.450.91CLaw/Netwrk Securty Foren Prof3                
SEC.451.91CIntel War Busn & Law Enforce3                
SFOP.502.31CSchool Finance and Budgeting3                
SFOP.503.31CSchl Facility, Prpty & Aniclry3                
SHS.100.91CFoundations of Soc& Hlth Svcs3                
TLM.342.91CTotal Quality Management3                
TLM.455.91CProduction Planning3                
TLM.472.91CSenior Seminar3                
TLM.474.91CFacilities Planning & Design3                
WTNG.100.41CIntro to Academic Wtng3    We        06:15 PM09:00 PM
WTNG.100.91CIntro to Academic Wtng3                
WTNG.102.41CHow Writing Works3  Tu          06:15 PM09:00 PM
WTNG.102.91CHow Writing Works3                
WTNG.220.41CCritical Wtng for Professions3Mo            06:15 PM09:00 PM
WTNG.220.91CCritical Wtng for Professions3                
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Step 2: Sign Up

You don't need to fully apply to UC to take a course as a visiting student but we do need a little bit of information to get you registered.

Fill out our visiting student enrollment form and put the course key from above in the appropriate field. If you're not sure which course would be best, just fill in a subject and our admission team can find a course that fits your needs.

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Step 3: Watch your email

Once we have processed your course registration, you will receive an email with your ID number and RWU email. You'll need this to access your course in Bridges, our learning management system.

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