SAIL Learning With RWU - UC

Rhode Island public school students can extend their learning through the Summer Academy for Interactive Learning (SAIL) program from the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE). RWU - UC is providing a wide range of classes for learners in middle and high school, plus recent graduates. If you attend a public school in RI, the classes are FREE!

Here are the courses offered from RWU - UC this Summer:

Accounting Project

This package places students in the office of a travel service company in Seattle Washington. The student is hired as an accounting clerk who is responsible for recording and performing accounting tasks on a daily basis. The project is broken now into four weeks. Student will be recording transactions, writing checks, making deposits, posting to general ledger and preparing financial statements. This package would be a great project for any business students who have had basic accounting classes.

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Adulting 101

The next steps in life, transitioning from high school to college or the workforce. This course is designed to enhance individuals life skills in the areas of finance, housing, transportation, healthcare, career/college readiness, travel, self-care, communication and civic engagement. It will support to establish a base set of skills that will set individuals up for future success. The course aims to provide individuals insight about future decisions and how to set themselves up for future success.

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Caregiving of Siblings and Other Young Children

This course will highlight the responsibilities when in the role of Caregiver of siblings and other young children as well as other essential considerations.

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Conflict Management and Resolution

Students can earn three (3) college credits in this course

Conflict is a normal and inevitable part of our lives. Young adults are bound to have conflicts with peers, school staff, siblings and parents over the course of their lives. These conflicts do not have to be unproductive, ruin relationships, or take time away from academics. Conflict can lead to better relationships and positive change. Learning these important life skills will help a teenager deal more effectively with conflict and can reduce strained relationships, broken friendships, and keep them out of trouble.

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Event Planning and Project Management

Participants will discuss the best practices in on-site management, learn the standard techniques in handling logistical crises and develop an in-depth understanding of what it takes to plan and execute a successful event to the highest standard. This course will offer students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in the fast growing industry of Event Planning and Management. We will learn the basic vocabulary, day-to-day dynamics of event coordination as well as exploring the different theories of event design. The Event Planning and Management course will teach you how to plan, design, and execute a variety of events from social occasions, weddings, corporate, and community events.

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Future Farmers of RI: Introduction to Hydroponics

Hydroponics, the art and science of growing plants in water instead of soil, is more ever-present today as families, schools and communities face disrupted food systems, food insecurities, rising food costs and deteriorating food quality. This course is designed for anyone with an interest in growing fresh, sustainable, environmentally friendly plants, vegetables and flowers on a small scale, anywhere, all year round -- even during inclement weather seasons. Through in class and hands on learning, this class aims to introduce you to affordable, manageable and sustainable hydroponics systems and the plant science behind it.

Students will need parental permission and use kits provided to participate. Some coursework in biology preferred, but not required.

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L.I.F.E (Learning Incredible skills for Everyday)

Through sewing and other projects, participants will engage in hands-on learning activities to enable them to successfully complete tasks, make their own creations, and experience the satisfaction of completing projects. Minimal adult supervision needed for virtual activities. Kits will be mailed to students' homes, dropped off at students' homes, or picked up at the RWU Providence Campus.

Activity kits will be provided and include all materials necessary to complete projects. Adult supervision is welcome but not required.

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Learning with a Tech Mindset

Participants will focus on the exploration and integration of burgeoning technologies for communication, collaboration, creation and problem-solving with the focus on cultivating learner agency. This online learning experience will dually support students as they self-assess their identity as learners and creators by addressing critical thinking, decision-making and self-reflection as processes of life-long learning. Students will work on individual projects (with the potential for a remote group project) to apply their acquired knowledge, skills and abilities towards academic, professional, and real world scenarios and situations. As an outcome, students will be able to critically analyze and evaluate technology to make conscientious decisions about how and when to use technology effectively in their lives. Could potentially include guest speakers from professional technology fields.

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Microsoft Office Specialist Course

This Microsoft Office Specialist course introduces students to the features and functionalities of Microsoft® Office. Microsoft Specialists have universal skills necessary for individuals to stand out and compete in the workforce. In this course, students will have demonstrated the ability to command the full features and functionality of Microsoft Word and Excel, preparing them for future academic workforce opportunities.

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Numeracy & Fundamental Math Remediation with SAT/PSAT Test Preparation

For students who need to improve their fundamental math skills and compehension with aligned preparation opportunities for the PSAT/SAT Math Test. Support and guide students to develop understanding of basic mathematics operations for whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages. Explore introductory algebra, geometry and data analytics concepts to reinforce math critical thinking skills and knowledge integrated with test preparation skills and tips. Workshop model with multiple learning groups based on student need.

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OK Bloomer: The Conversation You Don’t Want to Have with Your Parents

This course will be a girl’s only space that will cover topics related to puberty and the importance of reproductive health. We will discuss topics ranging from basic anatomy, menstruation, safe sex practices, STI’s, consent, and body image in a space where all questions can be freely asked. Students will learn the importance of these topics through scientific research and statistics. Girl’s grow up facing a wide range of hurdles, especially when puberty hits, and many of them might not feel comfortable talking to the adults in their life about them. We will foster a sense of confidentiality and respect by adhering to a set of guidelines created by the group at the start of the course. Students will leave this course better prepared to make smart decisions and know where to ask for help when they need it.

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Photography & Creative Writing: Using the Lens to See the Unseen

Photography & Creative Writing: Using the lens to see the unseen and create the imaginative poetry/stories behind photographs. Technology and social media are the centers of our society. During this current state in time and the sudden shift to at home/online during the coronavirus we are comsuming so much more sceen time than ever before. In this course, students will use their personal phone camera, or if budget permits, poloriad cameras with film to disconnect from the screen and create their own narative of the unseen. They can take pictures of people, art, sunsets, landscapes, etc., and use it to create a story behind a photograph. This will equip students with the skills to dig a little deeper than what meets the eye on social media and on tv. We will explore the expression "believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see."

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American Criminal Justice System

Students can earn three (3) college credits in this course.

This learning opportunity will engage students in a conversation about how the criminal justice system works. Students will explore why certain behaviors are labeled as crimes, constitutional protections against illegal searches and seizures and self-incrimination, and the roles and responsibilities of defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges.

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The Power of Speech

The ability to communicate effectively is essential to success in any field, builds confidence and empowers individuals to share ideas to make a difference in their communities. This course is designed to develop each student's ability to communicate effectively in his or her academic, professional and social life. The benefits of public speaking for career success and civic engagement is a focus, empowering students to use public speaking as a vehicle to create positive social change. Students will engage in interactive activities to enhance skills of active listening, collaboration and empathizing across differences.

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The Truth about Forensic Science

This learning opportunity will explore the field of forensic science and dispel some of the myths that young adults have about the field. Students will learn about the various types of evidence that investigators look for at a crime scene, how a crime scene is secured along with the best practices for evidence collection. High profile cases and scenarios will be used to demonstrate the significance of forensic evidence.

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Thriving in a Global World

Thriving in a Global World - The goal of this course is to broaden the lens through which students see the world by fostering engagement across borders. Students are introduced to global citizenship and will develop skills needed to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. Global citizenship frameworks are applied to help students develop competencies such as effective communication, collaboration, critical thinking and empathy. Students have the unique opportunity to virtually connect with local and global experts who will present how their work addresses global challenges. Students will be exposed to people from all over the world doing work in the areas of immigration, education, health and human rights. By connecting across borders, students move beyond their immediate communities, develop global competencies and identify career paths that they might be interested in pursuing.

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Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities: A Hands-on Exploration of Technologies and Landscapes

Throughout the United States, Virtual Reality technology is being introduced at senior homes as the technology helps to s[t]imulate out-of-home (travel) experiences and contribute positively to their overall quality of life. This course, Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities: A Hands-on Exploration of Technologies and Landscapes, will explore how and why this technology is being used in these environments and how the participants are benefiting its usage. Participants in this course will custom-design and build their own VR-headsets as we use them to travel and explore the world (and space) around us.

If you are interested in virtual reality, traveling, exploring, working with computers or technology, playing video games, understanding your place in relationship to the world around you, then this course is for you! There are no pre-requisites for this course and there is no advanced prior technological knowledge required. We invite students at all levels (high school and above) to sign up for this course as it will certainly be a truly memorable experience as travel the world (and space) from the safety and comfort of our own homes.

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