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  • Applied Psychology Bachelor's Degree

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    Applied Psychology

    The degree in applied psychology prepares the student to think critically about their own ideas and those of others apply these methods to the problems of community and of the larger society. Students are trained to be an independent thinker and active participant in a rapidly changing world.

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  • Liberal Arts Associate's Degree

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    Liberal Arts

    Earn an associates of arts or associates of science degree in liberal arts to gain a broad base of knowledge from many disciplines. Studying liberal arts prepares students to think critically about the world around them and to excel in many disciplines.

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  • Management Bachelor's Degree

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    As a Management major, you’ll learn how to lead organizations through complex decisions such as budgeting, negotiating, planning and directing. Because these decisions have broad impacts throughout an organization, RWU’s curriculum encourages you to think about dynamics like diversity, ethics and politics in the workplace. Combined with hands-on internship experience, you’ll gain the management skills for a successful career in human resources, purchasing, administrative services, health services, or your own entrepreneurial venture.

  • Municipal Management Undergraduate Certificate

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    Municipal Management

    Designed for adults working (or seeking to work) in municipal and local government settings who need to upgrade skills, acquire new skills, or attain additional credentials.

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  • School Finance and Operations Master's Degree

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    School Finance and Operations

    The Master’s of Science in School Finance and Operations can elevate your career and help you better serve your schools. The program offers a blend of traditional and work-based learning to build the knowledge and practical skills required of a school business administrator. The program is aligned to the professional standard and code of ethics of the Association of Business Officials (ASBO) International.

  • Sustainable Community Development and Economic Development Undergraduate Certificate

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    Sustainable Community Development and Economic Development

    Students will have the opportunity to develop key skills and knowledge that includes project design, planning, implementation, management, and evaluation for work in nonprofit organizations, planning, community reinvestment, policy-making and government regulatory agencies, among others.

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