StoryPathing for Students

StoryPathing is a powerful, proven, step-by-step, online narrative and identity development process designed specifically for young adults. Students develop and learn to tell the guiding story of who he or she wants to become, what she’s doing to get there, and why this is important to them; All of which support college-prep interviews, entrance essays, school selection, and choice of major – or, on the flip-side, the transition from college to work. It generates the confidence, clarity, and direction young adults must have to differentiate themselves, set themselves apart from the crowd, and to make real the future she or he imagines.


  • A sense of direction that is logically articulated, founded in reality, and responsive to opportunities and challenges
  • A coherent, polished narrative/story that helps others recognize, support, and promote the student's potential
  • Clarity and certainty to investigate, select, and apply to colleges/universities/programs/jobs that are well-suited to them
  • A rich understanding of how their skills, beliefs, values, and interpersonal style integrate with and complement one another -- revealing a strong individual identity that is connected to a past and an attainable possible future

StoryPathing for Professionals

Professionals promotes career clarity and personal confidence. Participants identify the interconnected and complementary connections to what they do across the spectrum of their lives. They then apply these insights to clarify and guide career, job-role, and life choices, and generate a powerful story that serves to make that future a reality. Professionals is a proven, step-by-step, facilitated and guided online program that is exciting, time effective, and transformative. The skills learned are immediately and consistently applicable to all facets of your life. For employers the course learning serves to identify and/or support of career and talent development objectives. Participants leave with a directed plan use the learning both in the workplace and their lives. StoryPathing is appropriate for professionals at any stage of his or her career.


  • Seeking to advance career
  • Recognize the myriad skills and talents they have at hand
  • Transitioning into a new role or chapter of life
  • Seeking to gain the confidence and wherewithal to step out of the shadows and be seen

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