Training for Workforce and Job Readiness

CWPD offers individualized career pathways for adult educators enabling participants to be well prepared for career success including soft skills and content knowledge. Each student will be prepared to take advantage of local employment opportunities and/or strengthen and build their levels of expertise in the workplace.


Commerce RI - Municipalities

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Over the last half-century, the United States has moved from a manual labor–based economy to a skills-based economy. Years of economic research has established that skilled workers are a critical input into production that leads to higher productivity growth for businesses. The Roger Williams University’s Center for Workforce & Professional Development (CWPD) offers customized learning solutions for groups, teams, departments and organizations; including corporations, government agencies, and community nonprofits. Our custom programs offer a commitment to the highest quality, customized content and flexible formats that are contextualized to meet your or your organization’s needs. In an economy driven by results, innovation, and knowledge, the CWPD is uniquely positioned to access thought leaders, leading practitioners, and market experts throughout the Rhode Island area, as well as faculty from across the University to contribute to the design and delivery of custom learning solutions.

Roberson's Turning Point Driver's Education

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In this course, each learner’s understanding of safe and responsible driving will be taught throughout the 33-hour State of Rhode Island approved curriculum. During these classes, learners will be taught high standard safe driving habits and the rules of the road for Rhode Island. The purpose of the course is to produce drivers who are knowledgeable, responsible, collision-free and capable of assessing and managing risk while preparing to take the first steps in earning their Rhode Island Drivers license!

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Microsoft Office Specialist

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Microsoft Office Specialist certification provide industry-leading assessments of skills and knowledge, giving students and professionals real-world exercises to appraise their understanding of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office Specialists have universal skills necessary for individuals to stand out and compete in the workforce. Holding an MOS certification can earn an entry level employee as much as $16,000 more in annual salary than uncertified peers. This exam guarantees that every certified user has demonstrated the ability to command the full features and functionality of Microsoft Office, preparing them for future academic or workforce opportunities.


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StoryPathing for students: StoryPathing is a powerful, proven, step-by-step, online narrative and identity development process designed specifically for young adults. Students develop and learn to tell the guiding story of who he or she wants to become, what she’s doing to get there, and why this is important to them. All of which support college-prep interviews, entrance essays, school selection, and choice of major – or, on the flipside, the transition from college to work. It generates the confidence, clarity, and direction young adults must have to differentiate themselves, set themselves apart from the crowd, and to make real the future she or he imagines. StoryPathing for professionals: Professionals promotes career clarity and personal confidence. Participants identify the interconnected and complementary connections to what they do across the spectrum of their lives. They then apply these insights to clarify and guide career, job-role, and life choices, and generate a powerful story that serves to make that future a reality. Professionals is a proven, step-by-step, facilitated and guided online program that is exciting, time effective, and transformative. The skills learned are immediately and consistently applicable to all facets of your life. For employers the course learning serves to identify and/or support of career and talent development objectives. Participants leave with a directed plan use the learning both in the workplace and their lives. StoryPathing is appropriate for professionals at any stage of his or her career. The CWPD will be running its first cohort in the late spring 2019!


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Mediation, a process in which a neutral third party assist those in conflict reach a mutually satisfying agreement, can be a meaningful tool for all professionals in which challenging situations exist. This course provides students with skills and techniques such as active listing, reframing, brainstorming, handling power imbalances, and dealing with impasse; all of which are skills needed to engage parties to talk with one another. Although these skills may not have been learned in other venues, the umbrella of mediation offers a process context to work through conflict in a more deliberate and meaningful way. This skill set can benefit everyone in their personal and professional lives, but is especially relevant for those working in fields such as human resources, business, real estate, and neighborhood conflict. The CWPD will be running its first cohort in the late spring 2019!

Electritian Apprenticeship Program

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Starting Fall 2019! Through the completion of this program, electrician apprentices will: fulfill the state requirements for clock education hours to sit during your Journeyman test; receive NCCER full accreditation; participate in labs and experience hands-on training; receive credits for life experience (learn more about how RWU will offer you college credits for your previous work/life experience); combine on-the-job training and curriculum to better prepare for real life work as a Journeyman after passing the test.

EMT and Paramedic Programs

EMT Basic

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Completion of a 6-hour American Heart Association for Health Care Providers or the Red Cross Professional Rescuer and consent of the SCS Dean Students will learn Skills in Basic Life Support, Respiratory Emergencies, Trauma Emergencies, vehicle extrication, and a new section on Terrorism awareness as it pertains to EMS. There will also be sections on medication administration, use of Automated External Defibrillators, and ambulance operations. Students will also be required to document 8 hours of observation time in a hospital Emergency Room.

Advanced EMT

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The Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Program is designed for individuals interested in advancing their career in Emergency Medical Services. The course includes State Cardiac transition.

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The Paramedic is a health care professional that cares for those injured or suddenly taken ill in the pre-hospital emergency setting. Through this program, you'll be qualified and prepared to save lives in many emergency situations because you’ll be ready to take on entry-level paramedic positions in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and effective (behavior) learning domains.

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Cardiac to Paramedic

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The Accelerated RI EMT-Cardiac to Paramedic program is designed for licensed Cardiacs active in EMS who are looking to advance their career by obtaining a Paramedic certification.

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Career Pathways Programs

Legal Assistant

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This Legal Assistant training program is designed to help you acquire the knowledge, skills and work habits employers seek when hiring legal secretaries and/or legal assistants. The program examines the foundation, organization, and structure of the American legal system with an emphasis on the careers available in the legal profession through an exploration of the roles and responsibilities in the legal field. Students will learn the professional and ethical practices needed to succeed as a legal support professional. This course will include practice files, customized video tutorials, instruction on E-filing, and hands-on support by the instructor and other dedicated staff. In addition, students will receive training in the Microsoft Office Suite. Students will be prepared to sit for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exam in Word, which is included in the cost of the course. The CWPD runs 3 cohorts per year, with our upcoming program starting on March 4th.

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Business Office Technology

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The Business Office Technology course will cover a variety of office skills, software, and technology that will help prepare students for a career in an administrative role. Students will receive computer skill training and Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Excel) instruction. Classes will be face-to-face and embedded in the instruction will be mini-lessons created to meet the individual need of skill level. In addition to classroom time, this course will include practice files, customized video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and Microsoft’s official E-book. Students will be prepared to sit for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exam in Word and Excel, which is included in the cost of the course. This program also offers an introduction to Quick Books, basic computer troubleshooting, scanner, copier, fax and other office technology. This program is a great opportunity to equip you for a career as an administrative professional across many industries and it can help advance an existing career. The CWPD runs 3 cohorts per year, with our upcoming program starting on March 4th.

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