Career & Technical Education Teacher Certification Program (CTE)

University College is offering a one-year, RIDE-accredited CTE teacher certification program.

The CTE Teacher Certification program is a competency-based, non-credit program that prepares candidates to become eligible for CTE teacher certification through the Rhode Island Department of Education. The RWU program is designed with working adults in mind. Assignments are designed to be practical, job-embedded, and closely connected to classroom learning.  Micro-courses are held each month with additional learning experiences, resources, and assignments available at all times.

The program engages teachers over twelve months from July to June.

  • One-week online Pre-summer Intensive learning experience.
  • Two-week Summer Intensive including a practicum experience working with youth.
  • Monthly “micro courses” held one Saturday and one evening per month. 24/7 access to online learning experiences and assignments.
  • Additional required learning experiences and assignments online.
  • Candidates will engage in a range of practica experiences, in addition to their own classroom setting.
  • All content is aligned with the Rhode Island Professional Teaching Standards and the National Board Standards for Career and Technical Education and Teaching. Candidates must meet or exceed all 22 associated competencies.
  • Ongoing support from a dedicated Learning Guide, Course Instructors, a Mentor, and Program Director.
  • Tuition for 1 year program: $6,500

Admission Requirements:
In order to be eligible for admission, candidates must:

  1. Hold a valid high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma;
  2. Hold the appropriate license, certification or degree appropriate to their industry;
  3. Provide documentation for the appropriate years of validated work experience (3 for associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, 5 for high school diploma) in the CTE field in which the Candidate will be teaching and include any earned industry certifications;
  4. Submit an application essay demonstrating commitment to CTE and an intensive, competency-based program;
  5. Submit two letters of reference, that address your commitment to the field and anticipated success in a self-paced program.

Ready to start the process today?

We are available to answer any questions that you may have today. You can reach Lynne Bedard at or call 401-254-3191 to get the process started or answer your questions.


CTE Credential Review Pathway

Have you already begun to take courses towards earning your CTE teacher certification? If you have, you can choose to apply to the Credential Review Pathway now being offered at RWU!

The Credential Review Pathway at Roger Williams offers an option for certification for those candidates whom have already begun to take courses towards CTE teacher certification. The Credential Review Pathway to certification involves an application process that includes an assessment of the candidate’s readiness through a thorough review of credentials. Evidence that can be submitted for review includes: official transcripts of courses- credits will be accepted for courses from a regionally accredited school with a “C” or above and/or a “Pass” within a Pass/Fail system; ratings from supervised field experiences; videos of instruction that illustrate competency in the RIPTS standards; professional development plans; letters of Recommendation from Supervisors; videos of instruction in the standards; evaluations from school/district supervisors; sample lesson plans/unit plans/curriculum documents; pedagogical and/or content exams; Student Learning Objectives (SLOs); sample data-driven instruction documents; professional development plans/activities. In the CTE content area, evidence can include licenses/certifications/national assessments, courses and training in CTE content area.

The evidence will be reviewed and the candidate would then complete an individualized program of study based on remaining competencies that must be met. Roger Williams University confirms readiness for certification when the candidate has met or exceeded all competencies.

Ready to start the Credential Review Pathway application process today?

Complete and submit the mandatory Credential Review Pathway Entrance/Exit Assessment Document, along with the $200 application fee:


We are available to answer any questions that you may have. You can reach Lynne Bedard at or call (401) 254-3191 to get the process started or get answers to your questions.