Center for Workforce and Professional Development

University College’s Center for Workforce & Professional Training (CWPD) is comprised of three training areas:

• Training for Workforce & Job Readiness
• Customized Training and Workshops for Community & Corporate Partners
• Professional Development Training for Educator & Schools


Commercial Hydroponics

Commercial Hydroponics
The Hydroponics industry, currently estimated at USD 8.1 billion, is projected to double by 2025*.  This Commercial Hydroponics course will provide you with the practical knowledge, strategies, and tactics to succeed in this high demand and growth industry and provide a sustainable food source for your community. A commercial-scale hydroponic operation can produce food all year round in any climate and can do it in urban environments - right near the point of consumption. 

Construction Management Certificate    June 2021

Construction Management Certificate
This 15-week program is designed for professionals in the construction field looking to effectively manage projects of all sizes. With weekly modules focused on planning, estimating, scheduling, procurement, contracts, and much more, this certificate provides you with the skills needed to efficiently manage people, materials, and equipment. Whether you work at a small firm or a big company, this Certificate in Construction Management can help you take the next step in your career.

CTE Teacher Certification Program    July 2021   

CTE Teacher Certification Program & Credential Review Pathway 
The CTE Teacher Certification program is a competency-based, non-credit program that prepares candidates to become eligible for CTE teacher certification through the Rhode Island Department of Education.  Micro-courses are held each month with additional learning experiences, resources, and assignments available at all times.

CTE Credential Review Pathway    Self-paced, start anytime

CTE Teacher Certification Program & Credential Review Pathway 
The Credential Review Pathway at Roger Williams offers an option for certification for those candidates who have already begun to take courses towards CTE teacher certification. The Credential Review Pathway to certification involves an application process that includes an assessment of the candidate’s readiness through a thorough review of credentials.   The evidence will be reviewed and the candidate would then complete an individualized program of study based on remaining competencies that must be met.

CVS Health    June 2021

CVS Executive Learning Series for Diverse Suppliers
This training series provides a wide variety of skills in preparation for pitching and landing expanded retail distribution of your products and services, all based on the competencies and practices of CVS Health. You will develop personal and professional relationships with other diverse suppliers and have the opportunity to create new partnerships.

Drivers Education    

Roberson's Turning Point Driver's Ed 
The purpose of the course is to produce drivers who are knowledgeable, responsible, collision-free, and capable of assessing and managing risk while preparing to take the first steps in earning their Rhode Island Driver’s license.

Electrician Apprenticeship Program - Year 1 - February 2021 Still Time to Enroll!

Electrical Apprenticeship Program
Roger Williams University’s Electrical Apprenticeship Program (EAP) is designed to meet the educational needs of today’s electrical apprentice and the companies that employ them. Students earn full National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) accreditation.

ESL Teacher Certification    June 2021    Applications will be available January 2021

ESL Teacher Certification
Our program provides teachers with a range of online and face-to-face experiences that include, but are not limited to: readings, lectures, learning activities, workshops, practicum experiences, analyses of videos of your own teaching practice, and a range of meetings.  These experiences are aligned to the TESOL standards and allow you to develop and demonstrate the competencies necessary to earn the ESL Teacher Certification.

Electrician Test Prep Class    ON HOLD

RI State Electrical Licensing Exam Test Prep Class
Along with mandatory education hours required by Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we will offer a Journeyworker test preparation class with live test sessions to build confidence for the RI State Electrical Licensing Exam which takes place monthly (except for December). 

Generations Med Tech (2020-3)    Ongoing

UC Link to Generations Med Tech | Generations Med Tech Training
You will learn to consistently apply the community standards of care medication aides need to become licensed as a Certified Medication Technician.

Global Systems Thinking     Open enrollment begins 7/20/20

Thriving in a Global World
In this globally connected world, professionals in every field need the tools and prospective to connect across communities. Whether it is working through pandemics or succeeding in a global economy, a global systems thinking approach will help you improve impact and results in your work and for your organization. This fully-online 10-week course will include modules on global citizenship, effective intercultural communication, global engagement and more. 

Pathways Programs 2021 - Business Office Technology | Legal Administrative Assistant | Medical Office Specialist

Career Pathways Programs
The Career Pathways Programs provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed for high-demand jobs in key industries.  Courses provide a foundation in professional skills along with mastery in a core discipline in one of the following: accounting and bookkeeping, legal administrative assistant, and medical office specialist.  Additionally, graduates of a Career Pathways Program have the opportunity to apply their certificate for credit towards a degree bearing program at University College at Roger Williams University.  


This 32-hour course will provide students with skills and techniques such as active listening, reframing, brainstorming, handling power imbalances, and dealing with impasse; all of which are skills needed to engage parties to talk with one another. The course surpasses the minimum 30-hour requirement for leading confidential mediation sessions in the state of RI.

Microsoft Office Certification        Self-paced, start anytime

Microsoft Certifications - Microsoft Office Certifications
Microsoft Office Specialist certification provides industry-leading assessments of skills and knowledge, giving students and professionals real-world exercises to appraise their understanding of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office Specialists have universal skills necessary for individuals to stand out and compete in the workforce.

Microsoft Office Specialist Class    Custom Timing

Microsoft Office Specialist
The CWPD can develop a specialized Microsoft Office Specialist course for your students at a time and format that works for you. Microsoft Office Specialist certification provides industry-leading assessments of skills and knowledge, giving students and professionals real-world exercises to appraise their understanding of Microsoft Office.

NEIEP        Ongoing

National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP) 
The CWPD in partnership with NEIEP has developed a comprehensive program consisting of non-credit courses and workshops specifically for elevator construction instructors. The program training institute is geared to improve their teaching ability for their apprentices and mechanics, not only for their benefit, but for the benefit of their employer and the industry.

Paramedic Program       

Paramedic Program 
The Paramedic is a health care professional that cares for those injured or suddenly taken ill in the pre-hospital emergency setting. Through this program, you'll be qualified and prepared to save lives in many emergency situations because you’ll be ready to take on entry-level paramedic positions in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and effective (behavior) learning domains.

Pivot the Hustle    Ongoing    

Pivot the Hustle 
University College's Center for Workforce & Professional Development and the Rhode Island Department of Corrections has launched an innovative and results-oriented program designed to help inmates garner skills for successful re-entry into the workforce and employment upon release.

Project Management Certificate    February 2021

Project Management 
The 35-hour project management certificate is a 10-week on-line course for professionals pursuing the field of project management or for anyone who plans, manages, and controls projects, as well as anyone who is interested in learning the latest project management tools and methodologies that lead to successful project completion.

Racial Justice Pedagogy Program - Custom scheduled for groups.

Racial Justice Pedagogy Program
The Racial Justice Pedagogy Program is a community of practice that provides educators a space to develop anti-racist teaching practices in their classrooms. Through a series of workshops and post-workshop activities, participants will receive mentorship and support from peers and facilitators to help them work on unlearning bias, address racism in their teaching, and develop effective ideas and strategies for interrupting racial inequities in formal education.

Social Media Content Marketing    Self-paced, start anytime

Social Media Content Marketing to Positively Impact Your Business During Challenging Times 
When armed with data mined from social media analytics about products, consumer behavior, and competitors, businesses can grow market share and build strong relationships with high-value markets.  The objective of this class is to provide you with the practical knowledge and insights required to manage your business presence on social media with a specific focus on creating Content Marketing.

Starting with Hydroponics 

Starting with Hydroponics
Whether you want to develop an urban garden on your rooftop or balcony, vertically grow herbs and flowering plants in your home, or provide alternative healthy food systems, economies and choices to your communities, this hydroponic course will provide you with the strategies and tactics to succeed with your hydroponic system.


STEAM is an initiative that incorporates the arts (the “A” in STEAM) into STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum, instruction and assessment.  STEAM is more than integrating a variety of different content areas. It is a real-life way of thinking and learning. Learning in a STEAM context prepares students for success in coursework across the curriculum using proven creative strategies that are typically used in the arts.

Sustainable Food Future    

Rising to the Challenge of our Urgent Food Future
For many leaders in the food industry, the future is now and it is a future without a blueprint. Businesses that survive and thrive throughout and after this pandemic, will need to retool and create food systems that have never existed before. This introductory course will bring together all the partners in our food systems to co-create a food future that meets the needs of consumers, businesses and communities. This fully-online course is led by Hope & Main founder and Public Health expert Lisa Raiola, who will guide participants to tackle challenges like food production, distribution, consumption, equity, and profitability both in a time of social distancing and beyond.

Understanding COVID-19: What you need to know

Understanding COVID-19
Our communities and country have been transformed by COVID-19. Some days it feels like there is a lot we don’t know about the virus of what will happen next. But scientists have actually learned a lot about the coronavirus and through this course you can get answers to the what, how, and why of COVID-19 questions. At the end of the course, you will have a basic understanding of the disease, the tools we have to confront it, and reduce your confusion about COVID-19 myths and misinformation.