"No One Goes It Alone"

Joseph Pine

Joseph Pine, RWU Class of 2019

Paralegal Studies

After serving almost 18 years in the military, Joseph Pine is now serving other veterans and current military students as the Student Veteran Liaison for University College. In his role, Pine works to connect other veteran and current military students to the resources they may need to reach their full potential.

An active member of the Student Veteran Organization at RWU, Pine knows the ins and outs of navigating common barriers military students face when they attend higher education institutions. Students at RWU facing these barriers can come to him for guidance or to get connected with the right resource, such as disability services, financial aid, or tutoring services. In short, he makes it easy to navigate the system by acting as a facilitator, he says.

“I’m the face veterans can go to if they are having trouble in school, in general, or just want to talk,” Pine says. “You don’t have to go at it alone,” he tells veterans or current military students.

RWU, which has a long history of being among the most military-friendly schools, works to ensure its military community has easy access to services they may need and benefits available to them at UC. Pine embodies that effort, and comes at it from personal experience.

“I’ve hit every stumbling block,” Pine says. “If I can use my experience to help veterans coming in not to hit them, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

Pine is on track to graduate in 2019. His ultimate career goal is to become a lawyer and advocate for veteran rights. He can be contacted at jpine659@g.rwu.edu or 401-602-6559.