Advanced Course Network at RWU

Offered through the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE), the Advanced Course Network (ACN) expands formerly unavailable advanced-level or college credit course options in Rhode Island’s middle and high schools at no cost to families. 

At UC, you will get a taste of college by exploring courses that give you strong foundations in general education while also getting opportunities to take courses where you'll get real-world project experience, like starting a nonprofit or working with community partners on an issue they are facing.

Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Enrollment is Now Open

Registration is open until May 28.

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Fall Courses

Course NameCourse DescriptionRegister
Public AdministrationEmphasizes administrative theories, concepts of bureaucracy, the environment of public service, and the role of administrators in government.Register for this course
Introduction to Public SafetyOverview of the role and mission of corrections, policing, emergency medical services, and security in public safety.Register for this Course
Foundations of Social & Health ServicesExamines the historical, philosophical, and theoretical frameworks of professional social and health services in the United States. Emphasis will be placed on developmental psychology, ego psychology and adaptation, and life cycle development.Register for this Course
Educational TechnologyTechnology is an important component of educational experiences in all settings. Students will explore the uses of technology to facilitate communication, perform research, and enhance learning experiences in the chosen specialty field. Students will also learn about legal and ethical issues in technology and digital citizenship.Register for this Course
Technology and SocietyInvolves a review of the literature dealing with futuristic trends and projections for our technological society and their implications for future developments.Register for this Course

Spring Courses

Course NameCourse DescriptionRegister
Law in Contemporary SocietyEmphasizes comprehensive understanding of the role of law in today’s world, including an overview of American legal institutions, federal, state, and local; the fundamental distinctions between civil and criminal law, common law and statutory law, substantive and procedural law, trial and appellate courts; quasi-judicial agencies and administrative law, current sources of law, and the U.S. Constitution.Register for this Course
Cultural Awareness in a Global SocietyStudents learn how cultural identity influences personal and worldviews, perceptions of experience, and styles of communication.Register for this Course
EMT BasicLearn Skills in Basic Life Support, Respiratory Emergencies, Trauma Emergencies, vehicle extrication, and Terrorism awareness. Also sections on medication administration, use of Automated External Defibrillators, and ambulance operations. In-class required, Tuesdays & Thursdays 6pm-9pm, Saturdays, 8am-4pmRegister for this Course
Classrooms as CommunitiesIntroduce the ways in which collaborative models and strategies can be used to help teachers build and maintain a strong sense of community (both within and outside of their classrooms).Register for this Course
Health and NutritionStudents will learn how proper nutrition contributes to the level of wellness at all stages of the life cycleRegister for this Course
Intro to Physical and Cyber SecuritySpecific topics include different physical and cyber security in a democratic society, the effects of emerging and evolving technology on public safety, and the future of physical and cybersecurity.Register for this Course
Natural DisastersUnderstanding the natural hazards that pose threats to human life and property, and on the natural disasters and catastrophes that occur when those threats are realized in the form of destructive events.Register for this Course

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Why you should take a class at RWU through the Advance Course Network

No Cost to You

At University College, middle and high school students can enroll in ACN courses that range from liberal arts, justice studies, community development, EMT Basic, to core classes like math. Along with tuition, RIDE pays for fees, books and any other course materials you may need.

Start as Soon as Middle School

You can begin enrolling in ACN courses as early as middle school where you'll start with online courses. You can take up to two courses per school semester, meaning you'll have the potential to graduate high school with more than a semesters worth of college credits if you take two courses each semester. This has the potential to save you time and money when you become an official college student.

Wrap-Around Support & Resources

All resources available to all RWU students, such as library and facility access, are available for ACN students. We offer wrap around support at UC and work closely with ACN schools to ensure your success. We offer on-site tutors, academic accommodations and a new student orientation for all first-time ACN students to get acclimated to being a college student.

Keep Going to Earn Your Degree at RWU

The classes you take through Advance Course Network can be the first steps towards earning your degree. At University College we have a wide range of academic programs that can help prepare you for the career you're looking for.


Our Pathway Specialist, Nichole Lopez, can help you choose your ACN courses. Call her at (401) 254-4805 or email