RWU COVID Testing Data


Fall 2021 Covid-19 Dashboard

The dashboard provides information from the university’s Covid-19 testing program in our campus communities. We are employing three high-standard testing methods this fall. The results of each testing type are displayed here; however, they cannot be combined into a single overall data point for total positive cases and total positivity rate.

  • Pooled Testing - PCR lab test with the Broad Institute where up to ten swabs are tested as a group. A positive pooled test means generally that one (or possibly more) swabs in the group tested positive, prompting follow-up individual testing of all within that group.
  • Rapid Tests - RWU is using the Abbott BINAXNow antigen test in various ways throughout the semester for a more immediate result within 15 minutes.
  • Individual PCR -  One individual receives a PCR lab test with the Broad Institute, to identify with high specificity the presence of COVID. This test will be used for symptomatic student testing, or other circumstances when we need to test at the individual level rather than pools testing.

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