Regular surveillance testing will continue to be a critical measure for us to monitor for the presence of virus on our campuses and allow us to act quickly to isolate any positive individuals from the community. This is proving to be essential for the Delta variant, which can be present among vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals. 

Last Updated: 9/22/2021

Testing Compliance

We must improve our testing participation across all students but especially among off-campus students and commuters. Until we reach higher levels of compliance, the University will have to continue stronger safety measures.

With this in mind, the University will allow guest visitation privileges in residence areas once that community reaches an 85% testing compliance rate. Currently, none of our residence areas are at this level. Each area will receive updates weekly regarding their testing participation rate. Additionally, testing participation at the individual level will be used to determine eligibility to attend senior and other student events, participation in club or intramural sports, and access to the Fitness Center. Students who repeatedly fail to be Covid-tested – full-time undergraduates who are fully vaccinated test once per week and exemption-approved students test twice per week – will face interim or full suspension. This will take students out of class as an unexcused absence, and deny access to activities and campus facilities.

Off-Campus Testing

Several students, faculty and staff have taken the initiative, particularly on weekends when campus testing isn’t available, to be proactive when they may have Covid-like symptoms and seek Covid testing off-campus. This is to be applauded and is helpful to all of us. However, it is important for students to immediately report positive results from any off-campus testing to studentlife@rwu.edu so that staff can respond with guidance.

What If I Have a Positive COVID-19 Test Result?

Test TypeNot VaccinatedVaccinated
  • Isolate. Residential students may be moved to RWU isolation space at Baypoint or home.   
  • Wear a mask.  
  • Contact primary doctor. 
  • May consider getting a confirmatory PCR test. 
  • Follow guidance from contact tracers. 
Individual PCR
  • Isolate. Residential students may be moved to RWU isolation space at Baypoint or home.  
  • Wear a mask.  
  • Contact primary doctor. 
  • Follow guidance from contact tracers. 
Pool Testing
  • If no symptoms, use campus testing for confirmatory test. 
  • Follow guidance from contact tracers. 
  • Wear a mask and keep distance from others until negative test received. 
  • Consider seeking test off-site if not available on campus. 

If symptomatic

  • Students to health services for test or offsite facility. 
  • Follow guidance from contact tracers. 
  • Employees need to test offsite. 

Be advised that if you obtain a positive test result, or are identified as a close contact, RWU personnel will be in touch with you to review these procedures and answer any additional questions you may have. 

Testing Signup 

  1. Login to app.beacontesting.com
  2. Click on your name at top of the Beacon Page. Under "Other Profiles" you should see your name and a choice of "Public Test Sites" and a choice for "Roger Williams University - Pooling"
  3. Select "Roger Williams University - Pooling"
  4. Now on that next page, click the black-color "Schedule Test" button
  5. Then, select RWU Surveillance Testing and click Next
  6. Pick each of your preferred weekly days and times for the remainder of the semester.  

Please email covid19@rwu.edu if these steps do not work.

It is important that you activate your Beacon account and sign the consent form on the platform before you show up for campus testing. This platform will be in use throughout fall semester and is the place where you can review your testing results. All community members will receive an activation email from support@beacontesting.com – this is not a spam or phishing message. A link in the email will bring you to their website, where you will digitally agree to the testing consent form and schedule your tests.  

image of Beacon login page indicating 'Resend Activation Code' optionIf Your Beacon Link Has Expired

Follow these steps to activate:

  1. Visit app.beacontesting.com
  2. On the login page, select the “Resend Activation Code” option. (Do not select “Register For An Account” at this step, since you must receive a registration link first.)
  3. Once you receive the email from Beacon Support with your activation code, follow that link to create your account and sign up for a testing schedule.

The university will continue to communicate any changes in the frequency of testing required of individuals throughout the semester. Be sure to check your RWU email regularly.

graphic of early Semester Testing Schedule

Providence Campus testing will be held on the second floor and the hours will be Tuesdays, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., and Wednesdays, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.; testing signup is not required. You may come at any time for your weekly test during Providence testing hours.  

All other students, including commuters, off-campus students, graduate students and law students, must sign up for and receive a clearance test prior to the first day of classes. Keep an eye on your email for a communication regarding the check-in process required of all students coming soon. 

Regular Semester Testing 

Regular semester testing will begin the week of Aug. 30. Every person who is learning and working on our campuses will be required to receive regular COVID testing. Bristol campus members must sign up for their first regular testing day(s) and time(s), starting with this week. 

  • Fully vaccinated individuals will test once per week. 
  • Those with vaccine exemptions will test twice per week. 
  • Additional testing requirements for student athletes in season, if determined necessary, will be communicated by the Athletic Director. 

Regular semester testing will begin on Aug. 30 and will be held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Thursday, for the rest of the semester. 

On Aug. 30, those who sign up for Monday regular testing will report to the GHH Atrium for that day only. 

Beginning, Aug. 31, testing will be 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Thursday, in the Recreation Center Conference Room, located on the second floor.