Report Noncompliance

Last Updated: 9/18/2020 

While it took 200 people to bring us all back to campus, we know it will take all 6,000 of us to keep us all on campus. 

We’re all human. There will be times when each of us might let our guard down. That’s when it’s on the rest of us to nudge one another back into complying with RWU’s pandemic protocols. To stem the spread of the virus, we encourage all community members to supportively and appropriately suggest compliance whenever possible. 

If an individual or group persists in noncompliant behavior, members of the RWU community are reminded to use the General Incident Reporting form from the Department of Public Safety.

Community members can report concerns about noncompliance, including the size of gatherings, physical distancing or mask wearing. 

Reports may be submitted anonymously. Please share as much detail as possible in the description field.

Remember: Our policies apply on and off campus, to protect the RWU community as well as our greater Bristol and Providence communities.

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