Meetings and Events

As recommended by the CDC, the University will continue to encourage virtual interaction practices (online or by telephone) for larger meetings and will follow at RI-DOH phases for event capacities and best practices.

Last Updated: 7/15/2020

To the extent possible, this policy will apply to student services, including academic advising, study abroad information sessions, registration, counseling, health services, club and organization advising, student conduct hearings, resolution of roommate conflicts, and career development. 

Any club or organization meetings or activities will be conducted via Zoom whenever possible, and if they are in-person, attendance will be restricted to the group size limits in place for the reserved meeting location. An event sponsor will be identified and charged with the responsibility of maintaining group size limits in accordance with state requirements for indoor and outdoor group events.

Social distancing measures will be applied across all indoor facilities with signs explaining expectations and requirements pertaining to minimum distance of 6 feet, face masks when the minimum distance is not possible or the University otherwise requires, and personal cleaning and surface cleaning practices and materials. 

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