Classroom Capacities

All classrooms, science or engineering labs, School of Law clinics, computer labs, or arts spaces (dance, music, theater, or visual arts) have been reconfigured for social distancing and capacity guidelines.

Last Updated: 1/13/2021

All classroom capacities have been determined as a percentage of the normal occupancy and all RWU classrooms have been reconfigured for social distancing needs. In preparation for the spring semester, RWU has re-verified the reduced occupancy of all classrooms and common areas.

In a normal semester at RWU, very few courses are larger than 40, thus making compliance easier. With reduced capacity, some of our classroom spaces have effectively become unusable for class meetings and will be designated for other academic purposes by Deans. 

Some special-use classroom spaces (i.e., GHH Editing Bays GHH G09, G10, and G11, plus more to be identified by faculty) still need to be used but by fewer students so detailed scheduling will be necessary in addition to enhanced cleaning/disinfecting. 

Individual meetings with students (i.e. advising, office hours, or personalized instruction) will be either remote or in person (when and where social distancing can be maintained). 

On the Bristol campus, the University encourages faculty to make regular use of outdoor space for classes, weather permitting. Several locations have been identified that would allow classes with social distancing measures in place. Locations include the North Residence Hall Courtyard, Global Heritage Hall (GHH) lower level courtyard off the atrium, the concrete platform behind MNS, and the CAS building courtyard. 

Exam spaces to accommodate larger groups might be needed so that all students can take a single common exam (required for some courses for accreditation). 

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