Social Gatherings

The University has committed tremendous resources and planning to our reopening as evidenced by our regular and required testing, daily screening, thermal temperature scanners, contact tracing system and careful retrofitting of all facilities. All of this will be useless if we don’t collectively practice individual responsibility for community public health on campus and don’t take seriously the campus and state regulations designed keep the campus open and safe.

Last Updated: 2/25/2021

Visits Home: Important Reminder

The University continues to request that students refrain from traveling home, except for critical appointments or family emergencies. 

f students must go home, it is critical that they mask and physically distance around all family members and friends outside of RWU, beginning with the ride home and continuing with the return to campus. Please do not have any close contact with anyone who is not part of the RWU community. Family members and friends from home are not participating in regular testing for Covid, nor in a structured environment with high mask and distancing compliance – these interactions are considered to remain risky at this time. 

Weekend visits home were one of the key variables that resulted in an increase of cases and community spread near the middle to end of last semester.

In-Person Club and Organization Meetings

Student Programs, Leadership & Orientation continues to expand in-person meetings for student clubs and organizations. Masking, distancing and 100% testing compliance will be required.

Residence Hall Visitation

  • Students living in University housing now may enjoy full inter residence hall visitation access (that is, between residence areas), consistent with last semester’s approach. Resident students may visit friends in other residence areas. Room capacities remain the same as last semester as determined and communicated by Residence Life. 
  • Off-Campus apartments and houses: On Thursday, Feb. 11, the State of Rhode Island expanded indoor social gathering sizes to two households from one household, and outside social gathering sizes to three households. Fines of $500 for exceeding these social gathering guidelines are still applicable. The increase in indoor gathering sizes ONLY impacts students living in off-campus housing, as residential students must continue to follow room occupancy guidelines established by residence life.
  • Commuters and Off-Campus Students: Unfortunately, commuters and off-campus students may not visit residence halls and resident students who violate that expectation will forfeit their guest privileges for the remainder of the semester.

Notably, classes are not considered social gatherings, and the Rhode Island social-gathering restriction – to keep within one's household – does not apply in classrooms.

Please keep this in mind both on and off campus and be sure to avoid being part of a social gathering, indoors or outdoors, of individuals beyond your residence hall or household. Please cooperate fully with Residence Life staff and Public Safety, as they monitor and reduce gathering sizes. We all hope that the social gathering restrictions will ease in the coming months, but this can only happen if our behavior, on and off campus, is prevention-focused and the rate of infection in Bristol and on campus remains very low.

Overnight Curfew

The State of Rhode Island has instituted an overnight curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. on weeknights and 10:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. 

More in this section: Health & Safety ProtocolsRWU Mask Policy 

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