Field Trips & Short-Term Off-Campus Experiences

Last Updated: 9/16/2021

Guidance and Checklist for Field Trips and Short-Term Off-Campus Academic Experiences, 2021-22 Academic Year

Off-campus learning opportunities – ranging from field trips to site visits for community-engaged courses - are fundamental to the Roger Williams University experience. COVID-19 continues to limit some of these opportunities and to require that specific precautions be taken to ensure the health and safety of the RWU community and the broader communities we interact with.

This guidance extends to short-term off-campus academic experiences, where RWU students travel to an off-campus location for a field trip, site visit, community partner meeting, or event associated with a course or the fulfillment of other academic requirements. “Short term” is defined as less than a full day and not involving an overnight stay.

Note: Different restrictions may apply to longer-term off-campus engagements (study abroad, participation in multi-day conferences) or to those requiring regular interactions with off-campus partners (e.g., internships and practicums, off-campus work study). Please contact the relevant offices – Center for Career and Professional Development, Spiegel Center, Feinstein Center – for more information.


All RWU students, regardless of vaccination status, are permitted to participate in short-term off-campus learning opportunities.

  • During field trips and short-term off-campus learning experiences, all RWU community members are required to wear a mask during travel to and from sites and in all indoor settings. When outdoors, as on campus, masks are optional for vaccinated community members; required for non-vaccinated community members.
  • RWU community members must also adhere to any additional health and safety restrictions observed by host organizations, businesses, and venues. Faculty and professional staff should contact representatives at those organizations and businesses in advance of the event to ensure that we are able to comply with any additional health and safety requirements.
  • Faculty and professional staff leading off-campus field trips should maintain a roster of all participants in the off-campus event as well as a record of the date, time, and places visited during the field trip.
  • Prior to the event, faculty and professional staff should ask students if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness (congestion, cough, fever, etc.). Students with symptoms should not participate in off-campus programming.

Thank you for your cooperation. Adhering to these guidelines and ensuring that we have these records will help enable us to keep our community safe and healthy.