Last Updated: 7/29/2020

image of outdoor dining tent on SAAHP quad on Bristol campus
RWU's outdoor dining tent on the SAAHP quad will be open for lunch and dinner weekdays starting August 26. 

To accommodate our residential meal plan students while reducing density, we have the following preliminary plan for the Bristol campus in place: 

  • All three residential dining areas on the main campus will place emphasis on “take-out” service. 
  • Dining is currently investigating crowd mitigation approaches including assigning living areas to one of the three residential dining areas on a rotating schedule and/or ticketed reservation through an app with a bar code. 
  • All residential and retail settings will provide contactless meal plan validation or purchase payment as standard operating procedure at points of sale/entrance. 
  • Upper Commons and Baypoint Dining residential facilities will transition from self-service to mainly line service provided by dining employees. Additional plexiglass shields will be installed throughout.
  • Baypoint seating will be expanded into adjacent common areas and an outdoor enclosed courtyard and spaced out to provide social distancing. 
  • Lower Commons on the main campus will be converted to residential mobile app pre-order and pick- up service for lunch and dinner and then convert back to retail purchases after 8:30 in the evening. 
  • The outdoor dining tent has been installed on the SAAHP Quad, with 200 seats underneath and 48 seats outside the tent for students (only). Serving lunch and dinner, beginning Aug. 26, students may use their meal pass at a food court under the tent as well as bring takeout food from Lower and Upper Commons. The tent is also equipped with a stage and sound system for student entertainment and meetings. This venue will operate into early October and will then be replaced by equivalent service operating from within our Fieldhouse in the Campus Recreation Center for the remainder of the semester. 
  • The School of Law facility, The Bistro/Law School Cafe, will be reserved for RWU Law students and other Bristol students for lunch. Additional seating will be provided outdoors and appropriate capacities for the dining room will be established and posted. 
  • Employees may use the mobile-takeout service from Lower Commons or the Bistro/Law School Cafe in the School of Law; employees may bring food back to their offices or dine outdoors, but not under the Quad tent. 

Our Dining Reopening plan includes extensive employee training with a focus on personal health screening, workplace safety, facility management and cleaning procedures, mask and glove wearing, and COVID-19 operating appropriate production and handling standards. Regular scheduled temperature checks of employees by managers during shifts and frequent COVID-19 testing will be integral to our virus mitigation planning. 

Each residential and retail facility will have clear directional flow plans and signage to minimize contacts. 

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