Qualtrics Survey Software

RWU has a site license for the Qualtrics Survey software. Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool that is easy to use but is also very powerful. Surveys can be created by any RWU faculty, staff member or student and distributed electronically. Results can be exported into Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint formats or Adobe Acrobat as a PDF, complete with charts and graphics. Users can also download survey results in the following formats: CSV, SPSS, Fixed Field Text, XML, and HTML.There is also a cross-tabulation tool to perform multivariate analysis.

Qualtrics is integrated with the RWU Active Directory which means everyone can access the software using their RWU accounts. To log in to our Qualtrics Survey Software subscription:

Go to https://qualtrics.rwu.edu

  • User Name: Type in your RWU email address
  • Password:   Type in your Password (same as Bridges, Portal, Roger Central
  • If you are prompted with the question:  Do you have a Qualtrics account (or something similar)? Click on “No”.

As soon as you log in you have access to the full suite of software to create a survey.


Qualtrics has some pretty good just-in-time materials including video demonstrations and print documentation at: https://www.qualtrics.com/support/survey-platform/my-projects/my-projects-overview For Basic Building, Advanced Building, Anonymous Distribution, Identifying Distribution and Reporting, check out their On-Demand Webinars


  1. Most questions can be answered by going to Qualtrics Support. The Qualtrics website offers an extensive set of online resources.
  2. E-mail Qualtrics support at support@qualtrics.com
  3. Contact Qualtrics by phone at 1.800.340.9194.

Qualtrics will respond to support telephone calls or e-mail contacts based on the order they are received and relative importance as reasonably determined by Qualtrics. Phone or e-mail assistance from Qualtrics is available during their normal business hours, 7:00am - 7:00pm Mountain Time on weekdays (Monday - Friday), except holidays. Limited e-mail support is available after hours and weekends.

Please note the following:

As of May 13, 2019, Qualtrics users seeking support will be required to login to the Support Center in order to submit a ticket to Qualtrics Support. This change is a required security update that ensures the utmost privacy of user accounts, including preventing anyone from posing as another user.

When accessing the Support Center, users will be given the opportunity to login with their Qualtrics account credentials. After logging in, the support process will remain unchanged. Please note, however, that the Qualtrics Support team will only be able to provide support assistance for the account that the user used to authenticate into the Support Center to submit a ticket.

If a user is unable to login or does not have a Qualtrics account, they will be directed to a Limited Support Center by clicking “Can’t login or don’t have an account?” on the Support Center login screen, through which they will be able to request support. Due to the lack of security protocol involved with this method, we will require that the Limited Support Center only be used for login issues and account creation issues.