Congratulations from the Community

From across the country and around the world, those with whom President-Designate Ioannis Miaoulis has worked during his career celebrate his selection as RWU's 11th President.

photo of Tim Baxter, RWU Board of Trustees chair, president of Samsung Electronics

"Ioannis Miaoulis possesses the perfect blend of experience, gained at a top-flight educational institution, and entrepreneurial spirit, which he exhibited at the Museum of Science, Boston. In a rapidly changing higher education environment, that deep knowledge will help RWU build on its many strengths, such as Rhode Island’s only law school, and his strategic know-how will help RWU to continue developing the innovative programs and workforce training that make University College so vital to the community.”

TIM BAXTER, RWU '83, is President and CEO, Samsung Electronics North America. He is chair of the RWU Board of Trustees, and co-chair of the RWU Presidential Search Committee

photo of Marcia Morris, RWU Trustee and co-chair RWU Presidential Search Committee

"President-Designate Miaoulis will be an asset not just for RWU but for all of Rhode Island. He will be a powerful advocate for building on the tremendous array of STEM-related programs at RWU. He is also a big believer in the importance of critical thinking and the role that the liberal arts plays in educating all students. He is a transformative leader with an innate understanding of how to make educational endeavors relevant and fun.”

MARCIA MORRIS, a RWU Trustee, is co-chair of the RWU Presidential Search Committee

photo of Susan Bosco, RWU Professor and Faculty Senate President

“President-Designate Miaoulis has a unique perspective to bring to RWU, having been a leader at both an academic institution and a nonprofit enterprise. He has the external connections that will help the university in its efforts to fulfill its mission. His empowering leadership style is an excellent fit for our entrepreneurial culture.”

SUSAN M. BOSCO, RWU professor, RWU Faculty Senate President, member of the Presidential Search Committee.

photo of Kayla Devin, RWU '19, RWU Student Senate President

“Dr. Miaoulis will bring a unique energy to our institution and invigorate the campus in exciting new ways. His dedication to learning at every stage is evidenced throughout his career and will be a perfect complement to RWU’s commitment to lifelong learning.”

KAYLA DEVIN, RWU Student Senate President, member of the Presidential Search Committee

photo of Robert J. Dermody, RWU architecture professor, member of presidential search committee

"Ioannis Miaoulis is an accomplished academic leader and the innovative Director of the Museum of Science, Boston. Dr. Miaoulis has spent his career promoting technological literacy for students at all levels. He will lead Roger Williams University boldly into the 21st century.”

ROBERT J. DERMODY, RWU Professor of Architecture, member of the Presidential Search Committee

photo of Steven Contente, Bristol Town Administrator and RWU alum

“Congratulations to the students, staff and faculty of Roger Williams University for the selection of Dr. Ioannis Miaoulis by the Board of Trustees to lead the University in the upcoming years. It was exciting to see the new president’s remarkable record of accomplishments in promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). I and the Town of Bristol departments are looking forward to working together in further improving and marketing a community of excellence based on innovation, engineering, technology and sound environmental management. Best wishes for many years of great success Dr. Miaoulis!”

STEVEN CONTENTE, Bristol Town Administrator, RWU ‘98, ‘09

“Yannis was a very effective, imaginative and energetic Dean of Engineering at Tufts. His enthusiasm for both teaching and research was infectious. He brought the same strong leadership to the Museum of Science. Roger Williams has chosen well.”

LAWRENCE S. BACOW, Harvard University President and former Tufts University President

“I have met very few people in my more than 50 years in American higher education who had all the component parts necessary to lead an institution, and Yannis is one of them. Besides his God-given intelligence, he has another kind of knowledge that allows him to deal with all the varieties of temperaments, personalities and egos one finds on a campus. It is ‘emotional intelligence.' Both are required to succeed in the very special environment of an American university.”

SOL GITTLEMAN, Provost at Tufts University, 1981 to 2002

“Roger Williams University is very fortunate to be hiring a man with his talents and honesty. He has a good strategic sense as to what his environment requires, whether at Tufts or at the museum. He is a very good fundraiser – he led a capital campaign that far exceeded its goal. He has excellent people skills and a strong sense of honesty. Put that all together, and you have a terrific combination.”

MALCOLM L. SHERMAN, former Museum of Science board chair who headed the search committee that hired Miaoulis

“Rhode Island is proud to be the home of Roger Williams University, an esteemed institution of higher learning. I look forward to working with President-Designate Ioannis Miaoulis in the years ahead and am confident that he will move RWU — and our state — forward with integrity.”

GINA M. RAIMONDO, Rhode Island Governor

“I look forward to welcoming Ioannis Miaoulis to Rhode Island and Roger Williams University and supporting his efforts to add to the legacy of scholarship and service that has been the hallmark of this Rhode Island institution."

JACK REED, U.S. Senator

“I welcome President Miaoulis to Rhode Island and wish him all the best as he takes the helm at Roger Williams University, a gem of a university of which I am very proud. President Miaoulis’ impressive credentials make him a worthy successor to the late President Farish, who positioned the University at the center of Rhode Island’s civic life.”


“Roger Williams University is one of Rhode Island’s great institutions of research and higher learning. I am excited that this pillar of our state will move forward under the leadership of President-Designate Yannis Miaoulis. I look forward to working with him on our shared goals of enhancing access to higher education in the weeks and months to come.”

DAVID N. CICILLINE, U.S. Representative

“Providence is a city whose character is shaped by the institutions of higher education that promote an environment of innovation and creativity. President-Designate Dr. Miaoulis is well equipped to advance the goals of our Urban Innovation Partnership, of which RWU is a member, and will help us as we continue to explore new and exciting ways in which we can work together to support innovation and job growth in our capital city.”

JORGE ELORZA, Mayor of Providence

“I want to congratulate Yannis Miaoulis, first, for his appointment as the President of Roger Williams University and, second, for his dedication to education. President Miaoulis’ career experience will lead Roger Williams University to new frontiers and education leadership in the degrees that the school offers. This is a positive selection for the entire Roger Williams University community, and I am looking forward to working with President Miaoulis.”

LEONIDAS P. RAPTAKIS, R.I. state senator, Coventry

“The board and staff at the Association of Independent Colleges & Universities of Rhode Island welcome Ioannis Miaoulis as the new president of Roger Williams University. Our membership looks forward to numerous statewide, regional and national collaborations with President Miaoulis. Congratulations to the Roger Williams University Board of Trustees for this excellent choice, which is certain to be a benefit to the university, to the broader higher education community and to our state.”

DANIEL P. EGAN, President, AICU Rhode Island

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