Request for Academic Accommodations

 How to Request Your Academic Accommodations

For academic year 2018-19: Please submit requests for processing only between August 15 - May 15.

  1. You are about to REQUEST accommodations from Student Accessibility Services.
  2. You must use Internet Explorer for this process.
  3. IMPORTANT: Your REQUEST form must be saved as a document to your computer/desktop in the following way:
    • Save PDF to your computer (for example, on your desktop). Your request form PDF must be saved in this format: First name, last name, semester.  Example:  johnsmithFall2017
  4. Your fully completed and saved REQUEST form must then be emailed to:
  5. You must use ONLY your RWU email address to submit your form.
  6. SAS will not accept request forms from a non-RWU email address.  Only registered SAS students are permitted to submit requests..
  7. SAS will process the REQUEST forms in the order received. Please allow up to 48 hours for an electronic return to your RWU email address only.
  8. No paper request forms will be accepted in SAS
  9. To complete an online REQUEST FOR ACADEMIC ACCOMODATIONS (extended time for assessments, use of the SAS Testing Center, etc.) use our Request for Academic Accommodations Form.

Exam Cover Sheet for Extended Time