RWU Coronavirus Information

Students will not be returning to campus for the remainder of the spring semester. Instead they are learning remotely. RWU's Bristol campus is closed to pedestrian and recreational use. All events and campus tours have been canceled through April 30. We will continue to update the community regularly to keep you informed.

Recent Updates


  • RWU COVID-19 Update -- May 29, 2

    Thank you for your patience and understanding as we prepare for a slow, phased reopening and what it means for both our community and those around us. While the State of Rhode Island is entering Phase II of its economic reopening on June 1, RWU will continue with our current remote work policy until the University implements the appropriate safety measures to have our community begin to return safely to campus.

  • Update on Commencement

    I am so sad to share that we will not be able to have Commencement in August under the current state guidelines. We are working earnestly now to consider our Plan B and have started conversations with staff and faculty to have a proper event near the one-year anniversary in May 2021.

  • RWU COVID-19 Update

    The Rhode Island Governor and Department of Health are beginning a phased reopening of businesses and public spaces across the state this Saturday. However, this is only the first phase of a slow reopening, and state officials are urging as many as possible to continue to work remotely. Please also note that the Governor of the State of Massachusetts has not lifted the stay at home order as of yet.

  • Update on Behalf of RWU President Miaoulis

    The most frequent and urgent question before us is whether RWU will reopen in the fall and what that will look like. I want to convey that all of our energy right now is focused on “how” we will reopen rather than “if.” We are fully committed to reopening Roger Williams for the Fall 2020 semester.

  • RWU COVID-19 Update

    We are writing to make you aware that an employee is experiencing flu-like symptoms will be tested for COVID-19. The facilities staff member works the day shift and has been working in the Almeida building these last few days; the employee last worked yesterday. In accordance with University safety measures, the employee wore a facemask while working on campus.

  • RWU COVID-19 Update

    We are writing to make you aware that an employee is experiencing flu-like symptoms and is awaiting test results to determine whether the illness is or is not COVID-19. The public safety staff member works the first shift and last worked on Sunday. Indications at this point are that the staff member had not entered any buildings other than the Public Safety Office. In accordance with University safety measures, the employee wore a facemask while working on campus.

  • RWU COVID-19 Update

    While a family member of the facilities staff has tested positive for the virus, the employee has tested negative for the virus and has remained symptom-free. As a precaution, that employee will self-quarantine at home for 14 days. The employee worked during the reduced second shift in the Almeida apartment building and had very limited contact with other employees.

  • Our Commitment to Equity During COVID-19

    This is the time to tap into our collective wisdom to support our students and ourselves. We must continue to do all we can within our spheres of influence to support equity within, and for, our community. While we continue adjusting to new ways of remote work and learning, we must see and respond to the places where inequity surfaces in our efforts with students and with each other.

  • Roger Williams University Spring 2020 Semester COVID-19 Pass/No Pass Policy

    While the transition to online teaching and learning is a shared experience, we know that the COVID-19 crisis and disruption to in-person, campus learning will affect each student differently and in ways we cannot fully predict or understand. In order to mitigate the impact of the crisis on student academic success and personal well-being, Effective immediately all RWU students (except RWU School of Law which has its own policy) will be allowed to convert their Spring 2020 courses to a Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grading system.


    As COVID-19 continues to rapidly affect our local and national realities, the Cabinet, academic deans, and Emergency Response Team have come to the unanimous recommendation that students should not return to campus or to student residence halls this semester.