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  • Student sits on university quad

    Her Time to Shine

    Melissa A. Patricio

    Student Commencement Speaker Clare Harmon '13 overcame a lifetime of challenges to cross the Commencement stage, citing hard work and service to others as keys to success.

  • Students working at a volunteer site

    The Power of Youth

    Jill Rodrigues ’05

    With a diploma fresh in hand, Laura Dushkin ’13 heads for Costa Rica to inspire youth leadership through community development and conservation projects.

  • Student working inside construction site

    Building a Path to Education and Employment

    Jill Rodrigues ’05

    As RWU's first LAB graduate awaits his degree on May 18, construction management major Elsch Maisoh reflects on the major building projects he has managed and professional awards he has earned working with Gilbane Building Company.

  • Rhode Island charter

    The Rhode Island Charter and Roger Williams’s Legacy

    Jill Rodrigues ’05

    Historians, scholars and a legal expert illuminate Roger Williams’s influence on the American principles of freedom of conscious and limited government that continue to both resonate and cause tension today.

  • Students display their graphic design work

    Designing Seniors

    Jill Rodrigues ’05

    Graphic Design Senior Showcase highlights senior majors’ portfolios for campus community.

  • Students stage a mock press conference

    How to Hold a Press Conference

    Jill Rodrigues ’05

    Media relations students gain real-world experience by staging a mock press conference to address recent issues at Carnival Cruise Lines.

  • Book authors meet the subject of the book

    Healing With Words

    Jill Rodrigues '05

    Adam Braver and Molly Gessford ’11 reveal the power of words in a story that began, for them, with a Roger Williams University class advocating for imprisoned political dissidents.