Ways to Get Involved


Several student groups are involved in community service, both locally and globally. For some, service is there primary mission; others blend service into their activities as a way of complementing their area of focus or of becoming more involved in the local community.  Clubs focusing on service have included Habitat for Humanity, Alternative Spring Break, Food Recovery Network, Helping Hawks, Hawks for St. Jude, Love Your Melon, the Eco-Reps, and many others!  

For a complete list of all official RWU clubs, including those who focus on service, visit RWU's Hawklink page at Hawklink.rwu.edu.

RWU matches students, faculty and staff with non-profit organizations who can benefit from our expertise, time, and enthusiasm.  

Opportunities are updated daily and are visible on our Hawklink page at hawklink.rwu.edu/organization/fsl.  

These include one-time experiences and long-term opportunities as well as local, regional, and international opportunities. 

Students who receive a federal work-study award may earn their awards in the community at non-profit agencies. This is a great way to make a positive impact on the local community.

Some of the agencies where our students have worked in the past include the Bristol Animal Shelter, Audubon Society of RI, Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence Police Department, Bristol/Warren School District, the Bristol Reads Program, Coggeshall Farm Museum, Linden Place Museum and Blithewold Gardens and Arboretum.

We post positions on our Hawklink page as we receive them. Please visit our Hawklink page for detailed job descriptions. 

If you are interested in securing a work-study position in a community-service setting, please contact the Feinstein Center at service@rwu.edu, call 401-254-3787 or visit our office in the Farmhouse across from the Dining Commons.  

Each May RWU welcomes the entire 5th grade group from the Bristol/Warren Regional School District for a special program.

Fifth Grade day is sponsored by Bristol/Warren Regional School District and Roger Williams University’s Feinstein Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement and the Office of Student Programs and Leadership. RWU 5th Grade Day program was established in 2008.

The purpose of the program is to provide fifth graders with an opportunity to explore the possibility of future careers, set high academic goals, tour the campus and participate in team building activities. The program stresses the importance of starting early in getting a good education and the academic background necessary to pursue their chosen careers.

Over 100 student volunteers from RWU guide the 5th graders through campus life, including campus tours and discussions on majors, athletics, clubs and organizations on campus.

The 5th grade students arrive on campus and hear opening remarks from the Bristol/Warren Regional School District Superintendent and the President of RWU. Students take a tour of the campus that includes sites meant to inspire and intrigue the 5th grade mind – the robotics lab, marine science touch tanks and Wall Street Trading Room.

Prior to arriving on campus, each 5th grader selects a major. During the day they will sit in small groups with an RWU student who is studying that major. Each 5th grade student is given a resource sheet that lists websites and books to explore now, as well as specific academic skills they should master to pursue the major.

Throughout the course of their day on campus, students listen to a presentation from Student Senate on teamwork and leadership and partake in activities in the gym alongside RWU athletes to learn more about campus life.

The day’s events conclude with a speech from a guest speaker.

Currently accepting Community Engaged Fellows applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Click here to apply.

The Community Engagement Fellowship Program provides opportunities for RWU students who are deeply interested in community engagement to build their skills, increase their personal capacity to affect change, and have more impact on the community. The program is competitive and is open to RWU students from all disciplines and programs.

All fellowship activities and projects benefit the local or global community while providing the Fellows with experience in real-world projects that deepen their academic, civic, and human experiences.  Selected Fellows will “strengthen society through engaged teaching and learning” by partnering with community-based organizations, locally and globally, to tackle the issues challenging our communities.  Fellows will benefit from a structured program that can transform students into public leaders while addressing persistent community needs in a systemic way.  This will be achieved by participation in a variety of leadership and capacity building activities as well as direct and indirect service to the community.

Fellows may propose their own program/project based on their interests or current activities or ask for assistance in finding a placement.   They also may be nominated by a faculty or staff member who recognizes the student’s commitment and involvement in a community based issue.

Fellows will benefit from participation in the program in a variety of ways including:

  • Working within one’s passion, interests, and desired career path.
  • Developing leadership, management, and other professional skills.
  • Understanding the complexities of community issues as well as the community problem-solving process.
  • Working with a mentor – a professional at RWU or at a community agency – who will contribute to the fellow’s work and growth by providing important feedback and guidance.
  • Gaining hands-on experience that can be highlighted on the student’s resume or graduate school application.

Fellowship project/program examples:

  • Working on a CPC project team
  • Coordinating travel and project logistics for FIMRC
  • Leading weekly Lego Robotics activities at the Bristol Recreation Center
  • Facilitating public health research with RWU faculty benefiting Bristol Health Equity Zone
  • Working with a non-profit to coordinate RWU volunteers regularly
  • Committing a specified number of hours in service to a non-profit organization or program that benefits a civic purpose
  • Coordinating the Feinstein Community Connections program

Qualifications for Fellows:

  • Experience with community service, service-learning and/or civic engagement programs or activities
  • Demonstrated track record of high level of responsibility, proactivity and ability to work in functional partnerships
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with students, faculty, staff, and community partners
  • Comfortable managing multiple tasks
  • Strong oral and written communication skills; will feel comfortable talking with students, faculty, staff and alumni, with a focus on communicating the vision for the Center with regularity and ease

Program requirements:

  • Be a full-time or part-time, undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at RWU.
  • Work directly with or on behalf of a non-profit organization or government agency, with priority given to projects that focus impact on the Rhode Island and its residents.
  • Program term: Complete selected term of 60, 120, 180, or 240 hours. 
    • This includes service, meetings, training at RWU and at the partnering site.
  • Fellows may work during academic breaks.
  • Accept no additional pay (i.e. payroll, work study, etc.) for this project/program.
  • Participate in day-long orientation/leadership retreat before the start of each academic semester. 
  • Attend monthly fellows meetings which will focus on skill building and current topics relevant to community-based work such as reflection, social justice, cultural competency, writing for social change.
  • Provide summary at end of term detailing service work and outcomes.  This may be in any format including written report, photo essay, short film, field journal, etc.
  • Participate in public events celebrating community engaged scholarship such as Community Engagement Celebration and SASH as an exhibitor.


  • International students earn a stipend of $12.50 per hour served, paid bi-weekly according to RWU student payroll schedule.
  • All other fellows earn scholarships at the rate of $12.50 per hour served. Therefore:
    • 60 hour term = $750
    • 120 hour term = $1500
    • 180 hour term = $2,250
    • 240 hour term = $3,000

Application Instructions:

  • Download and complete the Community Engaged Fellowship Application Form.
  • The most qualified candidates will be interviewed in person or via Zoom.

Questions about the Community Engaged Fellowship Program?  

Contact KC Ferrara, Director of the Feinstein Center for Service Learning & Community Engagement at kferrara@rwu.edu or 401-254-3765.