Service Learning

What is service learning?

Service learning involves service that is imbedded in an academic course and is directly related to the course material--that means hands-on volunteering experieces that receive credit for! Each year, RWU offers approximately 20 different service learning courses in subjects from Architecture and Dance to Historic Preservation and Justice Studies.

For Students

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Get credit for your good work with our service learning courses.

ACCTG 405 Auditing

ARCH 424 Social Aspects of Architecture

BUSN 430 SpecialTopics: Project Management

CJS 401 Justice Studies Practicum

COMM 300 Introduction to Public Relations

COMM 430 Special Topics: Visual Essays

COMM 431 Special Topics in Public Relations

EDU 302 Literacy in the Elementary School I

EDU 303 Literacy in the Elementary School II

EDU 363 Literacy Across the Curriculum

ENG 430 PEN Collaborative – Case Minding

HP 440 Internship/Apprenticeship in Historic Preservation

PYSCH 451 Community Involvement

MGMT 435 Small Business Institute

WRTNG 400 Writing for Social Change

For Faculty

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The following links will connect you with experts and colleagues in the state and nationally who are working to promote civic engagement and service learning in higher education.

Rhode Island Campus Compact:
National Campus Compact:


Through our membership in the Campus Compact, we often become aware of monies available through the Compact and other organizations, locally and nationally.  Financial support is often the catalyst in moving from concept to reality. Grant opportunities we become aware of will be shared with faculty via all-university email. 

Campus Compact Membership

Through our membership in Campus Compact, we are notified of conference, institute and workshop opportunities that focus on networking and resource sharing as well as course construction and faculty support. We receive a variety of informative publications with research data, sample syllabi and bibliographies. We also are able to call on our colleagues from around the state to consult on issues facing our efforts to incorporate service learning in to the curriculum.


The following are just some of the publications available to borrow from the Feinstein Service Learning program. We also are pleased to accept recommendations for publication purchases - our library should reflect the interests and needs of our community. 

American Association for Higher Education Series on Service Learning in the Disciplines
Series released between 1997-1999. Volumes addressing service learning incorporation on the following disciplines: Biology, Communication Studies, Composition, Engineering, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Teacher Education.

Fundamentals of Service-Learning Course Construction
Heffernan, Kerrissa, Providence: Campus Compact, 2001

Service-Learning: A Movement's Pioneers Reflect on Its Origins, Practice, and Future
Stanton, Giles, Cruz, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1999

Sucessful Service-Learning Programs: New Models of Excellence in Higher Education
Zlotkowski, Edward, Bolton: Anker, 1998

Service-Learning: Applications From the Research
Waterman, Alan, Mahwah: Erlbaum Associates, 1997

Rules of the Game: Lessons from the Field of Community Change
Homan, Mark S., Pacific Grove: Brooks-Cole Publishing, 1999

Service Matters: Engaging Higher Education in the Renewal of America's Communities and American Democracy
Rothman, Michael, Providence: Campus Compact, 1998

Service-Learning in Technical and Professional Communication
Bowdon, Scott, New York: Longman, 2003

Michigan Journal of Community Service-Learning
Issues beginning Fall 2000 to the present.