Current Projects

Fall 2018


  1. Grow Smart RI: Transit-Oriented Development Evaluation Research (Dr. Ginette Wessel)
  2. Urban Reforestation: Bristol Conservation Commission (Dean Steve White) (HASSENFELD PROJECT)


  1. Narragansett 2100 Inc. Economic Impact of Renters in Narragansett (Gabelli School FMA Chapter with mentors Dr. Mark Wu and Arnold Robinson)

Computer Science 

  1. 1772 Foundation: Historic Existing Building Energy Calculator (HEBEC) (Dr. Sonya Cates)

CPC Design and Research Team (with faculty Mentor Prof. Robert Dermody)

  1. Bonnet Shores Fire District Land Trust: Community Betterment Project
  2. Highlander Charter School: Rooftop Greenspace
  3. Fall River Public Library: Bathroom Design & Rehabilitation
  4. Town of Bristol: Feasibility Study for Municipal Swimming Pool
  5. Housing Works RI-Accessory Dwelling Unit Design Research and Best Practices Guild


  1. Bristol Fourth of July Committee: Bristol Fourth of July Committee Economic Impact Study (Dr. Matt Gregg)
  2. RI Department of Veteran’s Affairs: Economic Impact of Veterans in RI Economy (Dr. Matt Gregg)


  1. Bristol Warren Regional School District: Exploring the Potential of Wind Energy through Engineering Design (Dr. Li-Ling Yang) (HASSENFELD PROJECT)


  1. State of Rhode Island, Town of Bristol and RWU: Campus Pedestrian Bridge Connector, (Dr. Nicole Martino)
  2. Town of Bristol:Bristol Town Beach gravel wet vegetation treatment system (Dr. Janet Baldwin)

Historic Preservation  

  1. The Preservation Society of Fall River: Borden's Corky Row Neighborhood (Dr. Elaine Stiles)

History/American Studies 

  1. RI Historical Society: Roger Williams: His Words (Dr. Charlotte Carrington-Farmer) (HASSENFELD PROJECT)

Graphic Design 

  1. Providence Parks and Recreation: Betsey Williams Cottage (Professor John Farmer)
  2. Providence Center-TPC 50th Anniversary Logo (Professor John Farmer)
  3. RI Historical Society: Roger Williams: His Words (Professor John Farmer)(HASSENFELD PROJECT)

Law - RWU School of Law

  1. Housing Works RI and RI Center for Justice: RI Tenant Stabilization Project/RI Tenant Handbook (HASSENFELD PROJECT)


  1. RI Department of State: Business Filings and Economic Indicators Report (Dr. Farbod Farhadi)
  2. RI Department of State: NAICS Code Integration and Analysis (Dr. Farbod Farhadi)
  3. The Family HealthCare Center at SSTAR: NextGen Healthcare EMR/EHR Instruction Manual (Dr. Susan Bosco)


  1. Riverzedge: Analyze Data and Revise Survey (MRKT 315: Qualitative Marketing Research, Dr. Kathy Micken)


  1. Warren Preservation Society:  RWU Philosophy of Race Students Collaborate with Warren Preservation Society (Dr. Christina Rawls)

Political Science

  1. Social Enterprise Greenhouse: Lyme Disease Research (Dr. June Speakman)


  1. Housing Works Rhode Island- Digital Storytelling, (Dr. Brian Hendrickson)
  2. Providence Police Department Community Relations Bureau-Content Creation for Website and Promotional Material (Dr. Brian Hendrickson)