Van Reservation Request Form

There is a large demand for the community engagement vans. To ensure our ability to meet your need for a van, we ask that you submit your request at least two weeks before your departure date. We understand that last minute needs may arise and we will honor these requests based on current availability.

Van requests will be evaluated and approved based on relevance to the following programs:

  1. Community Engaged Learning which is related to a course or academics that take place in the local community.
  2. Community Service which is a service the benefits the local community that is not related to any coursework.
  3. Student organizations, groups and athletics

Once request is submitted you will receive a confirmation email with additional information and next steps pertaining to your reservation.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Mia Viveiros at or by calling 401-254-5217.  Thank you.

For your request, please provide us with the following information

Reservation Information
Professor or RWU staff affiliated with request
Authorized Driver Information

All RWU vehicles MUST be driven by drivers who have gone through the mandated RWU training and authorization process. More information can be found in the RWU Motor Vehicle Policy.

An up to date list of certified drivers can be found on the RWU website.