Workshops & Seminars

The Business Partnerships Center at Roger Williams University will offer workshops and training on a wide variety of topics. Follow-up support will be available from the BPC’s team of student consultants.

Social Media Marketing
An introduction to website design, integration of shopping cart software, company Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, media buys, and video integration.

Employer Related Practices Issues
Topics include director and officer liability guidelines and important employment rules and regulations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The workshop includes an employer practices “checkup” and development of a customized rules and regulations handbook.

Sales Improvement Boot Camp
A marketing expert explains the development, selection, and installation of customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Topics include prospect list development, qualifying methodology, email campaigns, presentation materials, prospect databases, referrals methods and materials, as well as possible salary/bonus/commission incentive system revisions and assistance.

Financing Techniques for New and Small Businesses
A panel of experts, including CEOs from venture capital firms, banks, the SBA, crowd funding companies, and angel and accredited investors, will discuss new and innovative options of financing for startups and business growth.

Regulatory Information
A business orientation on how to identify and understand the federal, state and local regulations that can and will impact your business. The seminar is conducted by experts from business, government, and the legal field. Student consultants are available to help catalogue and identify the regulations that affect your specific business and provide assistance in developing project applications.

The Affordable Care Act for Small Business
This seminar will provide information on federal subsidies to small business to carry health insurance for employees in line with requirements of the Affordable Care Act.  Participants will be provided with a handbook on the newest regulations, and will be assisted in conversion process from a group plan to a voucher offered employer health plan system.

Business Plans for New and Growing Firms
This workshop explains the development of successful business plans – those that are comprehensive and effective in obtaining additional capitalization. An effective business plan can be used for the expansion of a current business or for a new start-up.

Business Roundtable
A roundtable discussion between major corporate CEOs and small businesses on a variety of topics, including developing trends in the economy, market research practices, the most effective techniques for management decision making, and vital legislative initiatives. Small business leaders will have adequate time for discussion and debate.

Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”) for Seniors
A seminar to provide independent and objective information, clear explanations, and effective guidance on making the optimal choice for seniors and their loved ones, and how to navigate the dozens of options available during the open enrollment period.

Successful Government Contracting
Experts from the public and private sectors will provide valuable advice to help direct businesses to the best ways to sell services and products to government. The major barriers to government contracting will be discussed, along with insights on how to overcome those barriers.