Business Partnerships Center Sample Projects

  • Development of a social media marketing business for a local newspaper
  • Development of a feasibility study for a firm interested in installing charging stations for electric cars
  • Assisted a local tech firm on the redevelopment of its business plan and marketing strategy
  • Development of a plan to convert a local kennel into an animal daycare facility
  • Helped a construction company develop and explore the feasibility of a new product line
  • Assisted a local spa in developing expansion plans
  • Assisted an upscale wine store in researching expansion into other communities
  • Helped an art production company develop its plans for expansion into new geographical areas
  • Development of a marketing plan to sell a new product (a wheelbarrow accessory) nationwide.
  • Assisted a credit union in the development of youth-oriented products and the marketing of these products through social media and other means to attract a new, younger demographic
  • Developed a social media marketing strategy and campaign to help expand a healthcare company’s treatment program being introduced to health insurers, self funded corporate health plans, and state government providers of Medicaid to diabetes patients.
  • Creation of a market study and assessment for a new line of safety clothing gear for correctional officers
  • Assisted six companies (from a variety of fields) in the implementation of social media site building and ongoing maintenance of the new sites.
  • Creation of pricing algorithms and spreadsheets for a company needing a new pricing model