Staff 2018-2019


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Mia Brum - Interim Project Coordinator- was born and raised in Bristol, RI.  She is a graduate of Rhode Island College with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work.  Her work background spans from working with families and the elderly population in the social work field, to recruitment and training of college students for a nationally known college internship program.  Her enjoyment working within higher education and the college age student population is what led her to pursue a career at Roger Williams University.  Mia has been with Roger Williams University as an administrative support for both the CPC and Feinstein Center for Service Learning programs since October 2016.  She enjoys her position and interacting with students from both programs on a daily basis and likes the fact that she was able to bring her experience in the social work field to her position at RWU.  In her spare time, Mia enjoys spending time with her two children Jackson 12 and Ella 7 and enjoys exploring what RI has to offer for them in terms of local festivals, playgrounds or any other new adventures that they can discover together. 


Penelope is a junior majoring in Underwater Basket Weaver with a minor in Staying Warm. She is originally from Antarctica; however, recently moved to Rhode Island in order to pursue her passion in mascoting. In her free time, Penelope enjoys staring, pecking, modeling her fashion and figuring out her identity. She has a deep love for community engagement and experiential learning. Penelope hopes to one day run the CPC and open a branch in her birth continent, Antarctica; as well as, be a professional coffee drinker.


Preston is a continuing studies freshmen, who is studying accounting. He is from Antarctica but followed his beloved Penelope to Rhode Island. In his free time, he likes to go to the dry cleaners to get his suits cleaned and has a strong passion for ties - fun fact he has one for every day of the year. He too has a deep love for service learning and experiential education and hopes to one day take over Arnold Robinson’s job.

Publications Team

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The Publications Team connects the community with the classroom -- in other words, they publish the materials a partner/faulty member gives them after their project is completed and convert it into a CPC Book/Poster for the community to see. Besides publishing the materials, they are also responsible for updating the content on our website. Ultimately, their goal is to produce quality content for other possible future partners/faculty to see to urge them to begin a project.


Rosalita Helldorfer (Co-Team Leader) is a Senior at Roger Williams University pursuing a major in Journalism and minor in Spanish. She currently resides in Maine, though grew up in New York and has intentions to hopefully attend Grad School. Rosalita is one of the Publication Team Coordinators for the Community Partnership Center, and an active member of the Roger Williams Community. She is passionate about writing, photography and all things food related. She also owns her own photography business, and hopes to someday work for National Geographic, as well as, own a hedgehog.


Amelia Ashworth (Co-Team Leader)  is a junior at Roger Williams University (RWU) double majoring in Political Science and Legal Studies with the hope of becoming an attorney specializing in immigration law. Amelia is the Publications Team Co-Coordinator for the Community Partnerships Center (CPC), and a General Senator on the Roger Williams University Student Senate. In her free time she enjoys eating sushi and being a fitness instructor at her local YMCA.


Sydney Bienstock (Writer/Editor) is an undeclared Freshman. Originally from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Sydney hopes to pursue theatre as well as something else (hence why she is undeclared). Besides being a writer/editor on the Publications team, Sydney enjoys reading plays, petting dogs, and hanging out with her friends and family.


Julio Romero (Graphic Designer) is currently studying Architecture and minoring in Sustainability here at Roger Williams University. He is a Graphic Designer for the Community Partnerships Center. He hopes to gain knowledge on how the community and RWU students can mutually benefit each other through projects centered on service and engagement.


Kelsey Delahunt (Graphic Designer) is an Architecture student, minoring in Graphic Design here at Roger Williams University. She is a Graphic Designer for the Community Partnerships Center, and in her very little free time, enjoys painting.


Clayton Johansen (Content Manager) is a senior at Roger Williams University majoring in business management with minors in environmental science and sustainability. His hometown is Holden, Massachusetts and he spends most of his free time fishing and golfing.

Marketing/Public Relations Team

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The Marketing Team is important out because they inform the community about what the CPC does as well as inspires them to also get involved in the process. How is this done? Through social media platforms and general CPC branding and promotion. For example, the Marketing Team distributes penguin stickers, our unofficial mascot, and shares new blog posts that talk about the latest news regarding the CPC. They are the CPC’s greatest supporters!


Kyrie McCormick (Co-Team Leader) is a junior at Roger Williams University pursuing a major in public relations and a double minor in marketing and political science. Kyrie is the Marketing Team Coordinator for the Community Partnership Center, and a member of the RWU women's rugby team. She plans to study abroad in England for the spring semester. In her free time, she enjoys photography, going to Chili's, and spending time with friends.


Sarah Caron (Co-Team Leader) is a junior at Roger Williams, and this is her second year at the CPC. In addition to being a Marketing Team Leader at the CPC, she is also a Resident Assistant in Willow Hall. She studies Business Management and Marketing as well as Graphic Design. She is from West Springfield, MA, but loves living in Bristol! In her spare time, she plays guitar, video games, sings, and adventures off campus.


Karissa Chandler (Marketing/Communications/PR Assistant)  is a junior at Roger Williams University with a major in marketing and a double minor in graphic design and web development. She is from Natick, Massachusetts. Karissa had an internship this summer at Do617, which is a full service marketing and promotions entity with a dedicated events listing website. This internship allowed her to further her marketing skills as well as go to summer concerts for free. This summer she visited five countries in two weeks which included: Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. She enjoy traveling, and spending time with her friends and family.


Hanae Wada (Marketing/Communications/PR Assistant) is a junior, studying marketing in the Gabelli School of Business with a minor in Spanish. Hanae has gained a lot of experience and knowledge about marketing and advertising from her internship at Fishbat, a start-up marketing firm in Long Island, New York. She is also the business director of the student run radio station called WQRI on campus. Hanae enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.


Sarah Coleman (Events Assistant) is a currently a junior at Roger Williams University and has been at the CPC for three years. She is studying in the Gabelli School of Business to get a degree in marketing with a minor in psychology. Sarah has gained extensive experience and knowledge about marketing from her internship this past summer at Owl Cyber Defense, in Ridgefield CT. She is also part of the dance and gymnastics clubs here at Roger Williams. In her free time, Sarah enjoys watching hockey games and hanging out with her friends.


Alaina Knowles (Events Assistant) is a junior, studying marketing in the Gabelli School of Business. She is from South Burlington, Vermont. She has enjoyed dance her whole life, and is a part of both the dance team and dance club on campus. Before coming to Roger Williams, she started her own small business - selling her artwork in the form of greeting cards, and a children’s book in which she self-published. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, and being at a school right near the water.


Emma Perry (Marketing/Communications/PR Assistant) is a sophomore at Roger Williams University, majoring in Forensic Science and minoring in Creative Writing. She is from Burlington, VT. Emma  is on the Marketing Team at the Community Partnerships Center (CPC). In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing and binge watching Netflix. Someday, she hopes to able to produce quality content that draws people attention towards the CPC.

Design and Research Team

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The Design and Research Team experiences first hand what community engagement really means. In other words, they complete individual projects and work directly with our partners. Students in the Design and Research team come from all different backgrounds and majors, but are all bound by one common interest: bettering the community as well as their academic experience in a semi-professional setting. Throughout the course of the school year, students working in this branch create a design for their intended partner and work in teams of 2 to 4 other students. Ultimately, students in the Design and Research Team learn the importance of collaboration as well as communication.


Isabel Clark (Co-Team Leader) is a senior pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Engineering with a minor in Sustainability Studies at Roger Williams University. She is an Engineering Project Manager for the Design and Research Team, and is now one of the team leaders. This is her fourth year working at the CPC. She is from Gloucester, Massachusetts and has lived there her entire life. Prior to Roger Williams University, Isabel studied Environmental Science at Essex Technical High School, developing her passion for sustainability. She enjoys traveling and spent a semester abroad in Ireland, and hopes to continue traveling to gain more of a global perspective. Isabel plans to focus her career in sustainable engineering design.

Jamie Valway (Co-Team Leader) is a Master of Architecture candidate with a minor in Art and Architectural History. She is working as a Project Manager and Assistant Team Leader in her sixth year with the CPC. She is originally from Malden, Massachusetts and has grown up in and around the greater Boston area. During her undergraduate years, Jamie was able to work under several firms based out of Boston and continues to network with previous employers to further her education. However, her favorite experience was working as a volunteer tour guide at the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral in Florence, while she was abroad in 2016. In the future, she hopes to combine her interests of art and culture help innovate new architecture.


Joseph Rendino (Co-Team Leader) is a junior at Roger Williams University who majors in architecture. He was born and currently lives in Deer Park, Long Island. He has a twin brother who attends a college in Milwaukie, Wisconsin. Joseph enjoys playing instruments, mainly the trumpet. He plans to further his education to a Masters in Architecture. Joseph plans to be with the CPC for his entire time at Roger Williams University. Joseph has traveled to many parts of the United States, and Central America, and has experienced many different types of architecture. He hopes to one day, develop a wide range of architecture and own his own architecture firm.


Jessica Raccio (Project Manager, Architecture) is a sophomore in the Architecture program here at Roger Williams University. This is her second year working for the CPC. She works as a project assistant in the Design and Research team. Jessica has lived in Wallingford, Connecticut her whole life. Prior to college she studied art in high school at The Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven, Connecticut. With a history of art and a current focus in architecture, Jessica plans to center her career around architectural design.


Daniel Nemec (Project Manager, Architecture) is a Junior at Roger Williams University majoring in Architecture, minoring in Graphic Design Communications, with a Core Concentration in Urban Studies. He was born in, and still lives in, Titusville, New Jersey. Daniel plays Alto Saxophone in the instrumental Ensemble at Roger Williams University. He plans on continuing his education and completing his graduate degree for a Masters in Architecture. He looks forward to working for the CPC and for the community in the projects he contributes to.


Eve Alessandroni (Project Assistant, Architecture) is from Watertown, MA. She is a second year Architecture student here at Roger Williams University. Eve works at the Community Partnerships Center as a project assistant for the design and research team. In her free time, she is either in her studio, or playing rugby.


Ben Pelchar (Project Assistant, Construction Management) is a sophomore at Roger Williams University, majoring in Construction Management with a minor in Business. He was born in Florida and spent a few years there during his childhood, but grew up mainly in Saratoga Springs New York. Ben spent many years watching his father work as a Project Manager in a technology firm, which began his love to build things. He wants to pursue a career that involves both technology and building. Over the summers, he has worked with some high-end residential contractors in Saratoga, but is excited to see what some of the CPC projects on the design and research team have to offer.


Emmy Young (Project Manager, Architecture and Historical Preservation) is a second year graduate student in Historic Preservation. Originally from Livermore, California, she did her undergraduate studies in Structural Engineering at UC San Diego, and obtained a minor in Fine Arts. She loves old structures and wants to be able to work on restoring and rehabilitating them someday. She spent a semester abroad in Lund, Sweden and loves to travel, having been to eight countries and driving cross-country multiple times. Her goal is to someday restore and rehabilitate old castles and cathedrals in Europe.


Juan S. Osorio (Project Manager, Architecture and Historical Preservation) is a senior majoring in Architecture and minoring in Art/Architecture History and Sustainability Studies at Roger William University and will be furthering his education in getting a Masters Degree in Architecture. He is an architect intern at Parette Somjen Architects, in Rockaway, New Jersey where he has experience working under healthcare, offices, and the educational department. This will be his first year working for the CPC, and he is apart of the Design and Research Team. Juan is from Mount Arlington, New Jersey. Prior to college, he attended Roxbury High School where he studied engineering and had an independent study in architecture. Juan is a first-year generation in the U.S, as his family was born and raised in Colombia. His first language is Spanish with English being his second. He is a third-year Resident Assistant and the Head Resident Assistant for Bayside Courts for the 2018-2019 school year. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his family and is a big FC Barcelona fan. His dream is to travel the world and help design houses for the poor, along with learning many new things from CPC.


Julia Pateman (Project Assistant, Construction Management) is a freshman at Roger Williams University. She is majoring in Construction Management with intended minors in Business and Sustainability Studies. She was born and raised in Chester, New Jersey. Prior to attending Roger Williams University, she had experience working for a general contracting company in New York City. Julia worked as an assistant project manager on various residential projects throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Through her courses in construction management, she has been able to improve her knowledge in regards to the construction industry. While she is only a freshman, Julia looks forward to working with the team and learning from her experiences.


Tarek AlDawalibi (Project Assistant, Civil Engineering) is from Saudi Arabia. He is a senior at Roger Williams University majoring in Civil Engineering, and works on the Design and Research Team


Gabriella Caron (Project Assistant, Architecture)


Abudullah Soutan (Project Manager, Architecture)

Karita Lapido (Project Management, Architecture)

Dominic Squillante (Project Assistant, Architecture)

Kathryn Laufenberg (Project Assistant, Architecture) 

Jack Bourre (Project Assistant, Architecture)