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Arnold Robinson, AICP, is the Associate Dean for Community Engagement at Roger Williams University. Arnold holds his MA in Preservation Planning from Boston University, and BA in American Studies from Bates College. In his 30 years of practice in preservation and design he has served as the preservation and urban planner with New Bedford, MA, executive director of the Providence Preservation Society and project designer and urban planner with Newport Collaborative Architects. In addition to managing the CPC, Arnold teaches in the School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation at RWU, with a focus on preservation planning, historic rehabilitation methods, community facilitation and economic feasibility analysis.


Angela Medeiros, is the Project Coordinator for the Community Partnerships Center at Roger Williams University. Angela holds her M.Ed. in Education with a concentration in Higher Education Administration from Northeastern University. She received her BA in Psychology with a minor in Accounting from Rhode Island College. Before joining the CPC, Angela worked as a Student Recruiter for Roger Williams University School of Continuing Studies and as a Research Assistant for the Brown Center for the Study of Children at Risk at Women and Infants Hospital.


Mia Viverios  was born and raised in Bristol, RI.  She is a graduate of Rhode Island College with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work.  Mia is pursuing her master’s degree in Leadership this spring 2018 at Roger Williams University. Her work background spans from working with families and the elderly population in the social work field, to recruitment and training of college students for a nationally known college internship program.  Her enjoyment working within higher education and the college age student population is what led her to pursue a career at Roger Williams University.  Mia has been with Roger Williams University as an administrative support for both the CPC and Feinstein Center for Service Learning programs since October 2016.  She enjoys her position and interacting with students from both programs on a daily basis and likes the fact that she was able to bring her experience in the social work field to her position at RWU.  In her spare time, Mia enjoys spending time with her two children Jackson 11 and Ella 6 and enjoys exploring what RI has to offer for them in terms of local festivals, playgrounds or any other new adventures that they can discover together. 


Penelope is a junior majoring in Underwater Basket Weaver with a minor in Staying Warm. She is originally from Antarctica; however, recently moved to Rhode Island in order to pursue her passion in mascoting. In her free time, Penelope enjoys staring, pecking, modeling her fashion and figuring out her identity. She has a deep love for community engagement and experiential learning. Penelope hopes to one day run the CPC and open a branch in her birth continent, Antarctica; as well as, be a professional coffee drinker.

Publications Team

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Team Leader

Rosalita Capoldo is a Junior at Roger Williams University pursuing a major in Journalism and minor in Spanish. She currently resides in Maine, though grew up in New York and has plans to pursue her Master's Degree in the UK. Rosalita is the Publications Team Coordinator for the Community Partnership Center, and an active member of the Roger Williams Community. She is passionate about writing, photography and all things food related. She also owns her own photography business, and hopes to someday work for National Geographic, as well as, own a hedgehog.


Krystal Cardin is a graphic design major with a double minor in dance and marketing. Her hometown is Blackstone, Massachusetts and has now worked her way over to becoming a senior here at Roger Williams University. This is her third year of being an RA and this year she was placed at the North Campus Residence Hall. She is also the dance club secretary and a member of the RWU dance team.


Clayton Johansen is a junior at Roger Williams University majoring in business management with minors in environmental science and sustainability. His hometown is Holden, Massachusetts and he spends most of his free time fishing and golfing.


Kristen Lepore is a sophomore currently double majoring in visual arts and graphic design. She is from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. Kristen enjoys going to the gym and hanging out with her  architecture friend in the Architecture building. She volunteers at “Christmas in a Box” every Christmas and plan to volunteer at St. Hubert's animal shelter. Kristen would love to pursue a career that allows her to travel the world and open her creative mind.


Alyssa Mulhall


Eavan Sibole-Little


Cynthia Souza is a freshman at Roger Williams University and words at the CPC as an assistant editor. She is from Framingham Massachusetts and has a passion for writing as well as videography. Right now, she is a visual arts major and has the hopeful intent to minor in film studies. 

Marketing/Public Relations Team

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Team Leader

Rachel Berry is a junior at Roger Williams University and is from Weymouth, MA. Currently, she is pursuing a major in Marketing, with a minor in Graphic Design at the Gabelli School of Business.  It is the incorporation of both structural and creative means that originally drew Rachel to marketing - she loves the organization and boundaries that business presents while still allowing the individual to add their own distinct flair. It is her lifelong dream to someday manage the marketing division of a large company, but for now she enjoys spending time outdoors, playing with her dog, and watching her favorite TV show, American Horror Story.


Luke Cicchinelli is a senior at Roger Williams University and is from Albany, NY. Luke majors in marketing and minors in psychology, with plans to get licensed in real estate after graduation. Luke has interests in the outdoors and likes to spend his free time hiking, going to the beach, playing volleyball and going to see movies with his friends.


Sarah Coleman is a currently a sophomore at Roger Williams University and has been at the CPC for two years. She is studying in the Gabelli School of Business to get a degree in marketing with a minor in psychology. Sarah has gained extensive experience and knowledge about marketing from her internship this past summer at Owl Cyber Defense, in Ridgefield CT. She is also part of the dance and gymnastics clubs here at Roger Williams. In her free time, Sarah enjoys watching hockey games and hanging out with her friends.


Carly Egan is a sophomore at Roger Williams University with a major in public relations and a double minor in marketing and psychology. Carly is actively involved in volunteering. On top of volunteering, Carly has gained experience from working as a sales admin at Energy Federation Incorporated. During her internship she focused on major product promotions and customer service emails. Through this she has learned new skills to apply to her professional career. Carly’s interests consist of hiking, exercising, and doing photoshoots.


Alaina Knowles is a sophomore, studying marketing in the Gabelli School of Business. She is from South Burlington, Vermont. She has enjoyed dance her whole life, and is a part of both the dance team and dance club on campus. Before coming to Roger Williams, she started her own small business - selling her artwork in the form of greeting cards, and a children’s book in which she self-published. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, and being at a school right near the water.


Kyrie McCormick is a sophomore at Roger Williams University studying public relations and political science. She is originally from Haddam, CT and chose RWU because of the amazing water views. She joined the CPC last year as a videographer and this year she will be the photographer & videographer coordinator. In her free time, Kyrie enjoys playing volleyball and watching Netflix.


Brett Munafo is a sophomore from Marblehead, MA. He is a business undeclared major who is interested in marketing. He is one of the photographers for the CPC. He spends his free time taking pictures with friends, playing video games, and spending time with friends.


Ryan Murphy is a junior at Roger Williams University. He is a marketing major with a double minor in Finance and Graphic Design. He is from Holden, Massachusetts, and loves the New England Patriots. Some of his interests include: fishing, sports, hiking and music.


Darian Napodano  is a freshman from Green Brook, New Jersey. She works for the CPC as an events assistant on the marketing team and is excited to see how this experience influences her major. She is currently undeclared but is considering a double major in marketing and management with a minor in Italian. Since arriving at campus she joined a variety of clubs including the Campus Entertainment Network, Habitat for Humanity, Helping Hawks, and more.


Emma Perry is a freshmen from Burlington, VT in the School of Justice Studies. Currently she is majoring in Forensic Science with plans to minor in creative writing. As the creative content writer at the CPC, she is able to find new ways to express the work the CPC does in a literary format. She hopes to one day become a published author, basing her books off of true cases she may work with. She enjoys cuddling with her dog, reading mystery and fantasy novels, and binge watching Netflix.


Alex Soderholm is currently a sophomore studying in the Gabelli School of Business with goals to earn a degree in Marketing. He is the social media coordinator with a dense background of marketing skills from his internships at Galore Magazine, and BHSC Global Marketing. Alex describes his working style as a mixture of creativity and professionalism. He believes that an open mind, and strong social skills are the key to problem solving. At the same time, possessing the ability to put your head down and work is critical. Alex’s passions include indulging in many genres of music, and participating in social activism in hopes to make this world a more equal place for all genders, races, and sexualities.

Design and Research Team

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Team Leader

Lindsay Guastafeste  is a Master of Architecture candidate (2018) at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. She is working as a Team Leader during her sixth year at the CPC. She is from Syosset, New York and has lived in Long Island her entire life. Prior to Roger Williams University, Lindsay had taken architectural design and environmental science courses that developed her passion for sustainable design. Through her undergraduate years at RWU, she minored in Sustainability Studies and Italian. She enjoys traveling often to gain a more global perspective. She has spent an alternate spring break in Munich, Germany and a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. Lindsay plans to focus her career in finding affordable solutions to sustainable design.


Allison Bacon is a second year graduate student studying Historic Preservation. A Rhode Island native, she spent 7 years after earning her B.A. in History at the University of Rhode Island as a Guest Experience Manager at the Walt Disney World Resort. She returned to RI in 2016 to be closer to family and gain a preservation education. Through the CPC, she looks forward to expanding her preservation knowledge and skills. Allison is a House Director at URI and also serves as a Co-Personnel Advisor of her undergraduate sorority. In her free time she likes to spend time with family, visit local festivals and farms, and enjoy everything Rhode Island has to offer!


Joseph Brouwer is a Senior majoring in Architecture and minoring in Visual Arts Painting, Drawing and Printmaking. Joseph was born in Florida, but raised in South Windsor, CT. Drawing has been something that he has done for most of his life and he will never turn someone down to draw a caricature. During the Fall of 2016 he went abroad to Italy for the semester. There, he experienced many things and even traveled within the Netherlands alone for a week. His dream is to live and practice Architecture in the Netherlands.


Isabel Clark is a junior pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Engineering with a minor in Sustainability Studies at Roger Williams University. She is an Engineering Project Manager in the Design and Research Team in her third year at the CPC. She is from Gloucester, Massachusetts and has lived there her entire life. Prior to Roger Williams University, Isabel studied Environmental Science at Essex Technical High School, developing her passion for sustainability. She enjoys traveling and spent a semester abroad in Ireland, and hopes to continue traveling to gain more of a global perspective. Isabel plans to focus her career in sustainable engineering design. 


Julia Pateman is a freshman at Roger Williams University. She is majoring in Construction Management with intended minors in Business and Sustainability Studies. She was born and raised in Chester, New Jersey. Prior to attending Roger Williams University, she had experience working for a general contracting company in New York City. Julia worked as an assistant project manager on various residential projects throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Through her courses in construction management, she has been able to improve her knowledge in regards to the construction industry. While she is only a freshman, Julia looks forward to working with the team and learning from her experiences.


Jessica Raccio is a sophomore in the Architecture program here at Roger Williams University. This is her second year working for the CPC. She works as a project assistant in the Design and Research team. Jessica has lived in Wallingford, Connecticut her whole life. Prior to college she studied art in high school at The Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven, Connecticut. With a history of art and a current focus in architecture, Jessica plans to center her career around architectural design.


Brittany Reed is in her final year of graduate school, participating in a 4+2 Bachelor of Science/Master of Architecture dual degree program, with a concentration in Graphic Design. She is from Rehoboth, MA. She has also been working at an architecture firm in Providence for the past four years, and hopes to continue working there after graduation - with hopes to also become a freelance graphic designer.


Joseph Rendino is a sophomore at Roger Williams University who majors in architecture. He was born and currently lives in Deer Park, Long Island. He has a twin brother who attends a college in Milwaukie, Wisconsin. Joseph enjoys playing instruments, mainly the trumpet. He plans to further his education to a Masters in Architecture. Joseph plans to be with the CPC for his entire time at Roger Williams University. Joseph has traveled to many parts of the United States, and Central America, and has experienced many different types of architecture. He hopes to one day, develop a wide range of architecture and own his own architecture firm.


Alfredo Rodriguez is a senior at Roger Williams University and part of the Class of 2018. He is studying as an architecture student and has just recently started at the CPC. Alfredo is originally from Palisades Park, New Jersey but has moved and now currently lives in Mahwah, New Jersey. Before coming to RWU, Alfredo took some architect courses in high school which made up his decision to become an architect. He is now a senior and is currently in his fourth year of architecture studies. Last semester he went on a study abroad program to study architecture in Barcelona, Spain. Alfredo is looking forward to learning new skills in the CPC, meet new people, and becoming more involved with works that help the community.


Jake Schmidt is a Master of Architecture student looking at a Graduation in 2018. At the CPC, he has worked as a Graphic Designer for the Publications Team and currently holds a Project Manager - Architecture position on the Design and Research Team. Jake is originally from Guilford, CT but currently resides in Portsmouth, RI. He is looking forward to graduating and starting a career in architecture with a focus on urban renewal and civic responsibility.

Jamie Valway