Welcome to Roger Williams University Fitness Center where we have something for everybody. We encourage the campus community to engage in fitness in a non-competitive environment and create a lifetime of physical well being through exercise.

The 9,000 sq. ft. fitness center is designed to accommodate a wide range of individual fitness needs and interests. Equipment consists of Life Fitness and Hammer Strength:

  • Treadmills
  • Cross trainers
  • Upright bikes
  • Recumbent bikes
  • Steppers


Fitness Center Hours Over Spring Break 

March 11-20, 2022 

  • Friday March 11: 7am -5pm 
  • Saturday March 12 and Sunday March 13: CLOSED 
  • Monday March 14 0 Thursday March 17: 7am - 5pm 
  • Friday March 18: 10am -5pm 
  • Saturday March 19: CLOSED 
  • Sunday March 20: 2-9pm  


Reservations are made on IMleagues.

You will need to register an account at IMleagues in order to sign up for workout time slots. Once you register an account on IMLeagues you can register for your workout time slot.

If you sign up for a workout slot, you can cancel right up to the time the session starts. So, if you can not attend a session you signed up for please withdraw for the session so others may join. If you miss 3 or more session in a 30 day period, you will be unable to use the facility for one full week.

When you arrive at the fitness center, you will need to have your RWU ID and the front desk personnel will confirm your reservation via the QR code on your IMleagues APP and you will have your temperature taken via thermal scanner.

To create an IMLeagues account:
  1. Go to and click Sign Up
  2. Enter your information, and use your School email ( ( and click submit.
  3. You will be sent an activation email, click the link in the email to log in and activate your IMLeagues account.
  4. You should be automatically joined to your school – If not you can search schools by clicking the “Schools” link

**Note** Please download the IMLeagues FREE mobile app called “IMLeagues” available in both app stores. You will use it to check-in at fitness center via a QR code If you need further assistance please see this video.

How to sign up for a facility reservation
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click onto the Reservation page in the top banner section (located right below the name of the school)
  3. The current reservations will be displayed on the calendar, use the filters to find the reservation you wish to join.
  4. Click onto the individual session you want to sign up for, and then click the green “sign up” button
  5. If you need further assistance, please see this video

Any questions you can contact Dr. Mark J. Andreozzi at

Fitness Center Health and Safety Protocols
Athletic Training Health and Safety Protocols

Are we in compliance with State and CDC Guidelines?

Yes.  We are meeting and exceeding the standards.  We are using the Reopenri website for guidance and had a member of the RI DOH come in and do a walkthrough prior to opening. 

We have adjusted our original limits of 50 patrons, to 25 until we get through some testing cycles.  How was this number determined and what has been done to safely accommodate these number?

According to CDC and State Guidelines in a Fitness Center like ours, we are allowed one person per 100 square feet.  Our Fitness Center is approximately 9000 square feet.  At 25, we are well under our allowable number.  All Cardio and Strength equipment has been spaced at least 6 feet apart. We are using the stretching area and the racquetball court for the excess equipment to allow for more physical distancing.  Anything equipment that could not be spaced 6 feet or farther apart has been taken off line. 

Workout sessions are only 1 hour in length.

Masks are required at all times in the fitness center including on cardio equipment

Note:  we have reduced available reservations to a cap of 25 until the University has fully completed check-in clearance and return to work testing of students and employees

What are the HVAC and outdoor airflow situation?

Facilities has upgraded and expanded the capacity of the HVAC system and installed special filters (MERV 13).  With this upgrade, more outside air is coming into the Fitness Center and Gym.   8 (5 downstairs & 3 upstairs) Germicidal Ultraviolet lighting system was also installed in the Fitness Center to help kill bacteria and inactivate viruses.   The system works best in a contained environment, therefore the exterior doors will be left shut. 

Will students be encouraged to create “cohorts” by cementing a commitment to regular, particular gym hours?

“Cohorts” will be recommended but not required since all cohorts change daily based on class schedules, residence assignments, and dining schedules.  In addition, individuals often prefer to work-out alone or may not have a cohort. 

Fitness Classes

All Fitness Classes have been discontinue for the semester, we will be exploring options of possible virtual classes - TBA

What are the guidelines for sanitizing/cleaning equipment between uses, as opposed to a 30-minute scrub down between hours?

According to Reopen RI, we need to allow for adequate time between sessions (e.g., 30 minutes) to thoroughly clean the equipment and exercise space. During our 30 minutes intervals, we use the disinfecting mister machine on all upholstery, equipment, dumbbells, cardio and all places that could be touched by patrons.

When students sign up for their reservation through IMLeagues, they receive instructions before confirming their spot confirming that they accept responsibility for  cleaning equipment before and after each use.   Patrons are asked to use one piece of equipment at a time, i.e., no circuits or “super setting,” and they must bring their own personal use close contact equipment like floor mats, jump ropes, bands, foam rollers etc.  The Fitness Center will not provide these items. 

We have signage explaining that people need to wipe equipment before and after each use and our fitness center staff will issue reminders and monitor compliance.

Work-study staff will be trained in proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures as a condition of employment.  They are walking the floors to make sure masks and cleaning are being done by patrons.

How many sanitizing stations are set up in the gym?

We have a total of 11 wipe down stations in the fitness center. There is signage around the fitness center explain how to properly clean equipment

Are patrons advised/encouraged to bring their own equipment (yoga mats, jump ropes, barbells, etc.?)

Yes, when patrons sign up for a reservation, they are told we do not have these items available for use.  We have removed all mats, jump ropes, etc.

Will, there be set, separate hours for anyone who may be vulnerable, supposing we have such students on campus to visit the gym?

Not at this time but we can reevaluate as we move along with this new process

Will egress be marked one-way, etc.?

Yes.  We have a separate entrance and exit with directional arrows on the floor.   

Is there temperature screening?

Yes.  Upon entering, every patron must stop at the thermal scanner.  The thermal scanner is a facial recognition system that records the patron temperature. The same scanners are used in dining and library.  The reservation system will keep a record of who entered the facility at a particular time to assist in any necessary contact tracing efforts.

How is Contact Tracing Handled?

Through the reservation system (IMLeagues) and the Thermal Scanner, we are able to see and track who has used the facility and what time/day there were there.

What is the guidance for the pool?

The Pool will be opening once we get lifeguards in place.  Use will be reservation only.  Temperatures will be taken before entering the facility.  Patrons will enter through the building and exit a door leading directly to the street to create a one way traffic flow.  Pre & post -swim showers are available in the locker rooms.

For detailed information on what we offer, please contact:

Dr. Mark J. Andreozzi, ATC, CSCS
Assistant Athletic Director

Group Exercise

Download/View the Group Exercises offered at the Recreation Center (updated each season):

Recreation Center Group Exercise Schedule

Contact the Recreation Center during inclement weather. If you hear our message stating the regular hours of operations we are open. Any morning closures/delays will be announced by 5:30am.

Recreation Center front desk phone number (401)-254-5222

The Recreation Center will close or offer restricted hours during University Holidays, breaks and specified events.

All hours subject to change.

Membership Applications

Q: What are the times that Full-time Faculty and Staff can use the fitness center for free
A: 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10:00 a.m. through 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Q: I am a full time faculty member, how do I join and take advantage of the free membership?
A: Just obtain a membership application from the fitness center front desk or online, complete the application, sign the bottom and return it to Dr. Mark J.  Andreozzi.

Q: What does my membership include?
A: Your membership entitles you to the use of our two-floor, 8,600 square foot fitness center which includes cardio and free weight training equipment; unlimited participation in any of our many group exercise classes; squash and racquetball court usage; and the use of our 25 yard, eight lane pool, sauna, whirlpool and day use locker rooms.

Q: I currently have a membership through payroll deduction. How do I sign up for a FREE membership?
A: To become a FREE member just obtain a membership application from the fitness center front desk or online, complete the application, sign the bottom and return it to Dr. Mark J. Andreozzi.

Q: I currently have a SINGLE membership through payroll deduction. How do I continue my SINGLE unlimited membership?
A: To continue your payroll deduction for a unlimited single membership just obtain a membership application from the fitness center front desk or online, complete the application, sign the bottom and return it to Dr. Mark J. Andreozzi.

Q: I currently have a FAMILY membership through payroll deduction. How do I continue my FAMILY membership?
A: To continue your FAMILY membership, obtain a membership application from the fitness center front desk or online, complete the application, sign the bottom return it to Dr. Mark J. Andreozzi.

Q: I currently have a SINGLE membership paid for by check/cash/credit card. How do I continue my SINGLE unlimited membership?
A: Obtain a membership application from the fitness center front desk or online, complete the application, sign the bottom and return it to Dr. Mark J. Andreozzi. Depending on the amount of your initial payment, you may be eligible for a prorated refund, or may be asked for an additional payment.

Q: I currently have a FAMILY membership paid for by check/cash/credit card. How do I continue my FAMILY unlimited membership?
A: Obtain a membership application from the fitness center front desk or online, complete the application, sign the bottom and return it to Dr. Mark J. Andreozzi. Depending on the amount of your initial payment, you may be eligible for a prorated refund, or may be asked for an additional payment.

•    Prior to participation, all members are encouraged but not required to attend an orientation to go over the common risks involved in strength training, the proper execution of various exercises, and the possible consequences if proper technique is not employed. Appointments can be scheduled at the Campus Recreation Center front desk.
•    Only Roger Williams University members may use the facilities.
•    Use of all facilities is at your own risk. The university and its employees are not responsible for personal injuries.
•    Members of the fitness center are expected to comply with fitness center policies and safety instructions given by staff.
•    Appropriate athletic attire, including footwear at all times, must be worn in all activity areas NO jeans. NO Khakis or open toed shoes.
•    Proper Roger Williams University identification must be presented upon entering recreational sports facilities.
•    The Recreation Center and/or its staff is not responsible for users’ personal belongings, lost or stolen items.
•    No equipment, mats, weights etc. is allowed to leave the fitness center
•    Members should be considerate to other patrons/staff, and respect individual rights.
•    Do not abuse other patrons, staff, facilities, or equipment.
•    Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult member in all areas of recreation center.
•    Children under the age of 16 years are prohibited from using fitness area of campus recreation center.
•    Clothing, bags, balls, and other personal equipment must be stored, please store items in carrels located in fitness center or in lockers.
•    All patrons must leave the recreation areas immediately when the fire alarm sounds. Failure to comply may result in a prohibition of future use of facilities.
•    No abusive language or profanity.
•    No fighting or spitting permitted in fitness center.
•    DO NOT slam, throw, or drop weights and/or dumbbells.
•    DO NOT lean or stand weights against the walls, pillars, benches, equipment, or mirrors.
•    After use, Patrons should be wiping down equipment thoroughly. There are disinfectant cleaners and rags to wipe equipment before and after use to prevent spreading of germs/bacteria.
•    Re-rack dumbbells and weights in the proper order after use.
•    We recommend the following after you work out:

  • You should shower after a workout.
  • You can wash your hands with soap and water or use our  non-alcohol based hand rub before and after your workout.
  • You should always cover skin abrasions or infections with a clean, dry bandage to avoid exposing your open wound to germs and bacteria.
  • You should also wipe equipment before and after use.

•    The use of collars is recommended on the end of the bar for all exercises.
•    No one should squat outside the squat rack.
•    Lifters should use spotters for all exercises that involve moving the bar overhead, over the chest and/or when racked on the back or shoulders.
•    Members must not wear weight belts when using selectorized equipment or if the belts could contact equipment upholstery.
•    Weight-lifting hand chalk or powder is not permitted.
•    Benches should not be moved from where they are placed.
•    To avoid congestion and waiting lines, patrons should allow others to “work in” while using weight equipment. Please use courtesy and consideration for others when using weight equipment.
•    During the peak time, cardiovascular equipment is limited to 30 minutes.
•    Outside Personal Training is not allowed. Any personal Training will be performed Fitness Coordinator and/or by approved staff by Dr. Mark J. Andreozzi  Assistant Athletic Director.    
•    Patrons under the influence of alcohol/drugs will be asked to leave the premises and may have their membership suspended.
•    Personal equipment must be in good, usable condition.
•    Report damaged equipment, injuries, or unsafe conditions immediately to staff.
•    Food and beverages in glass bottles are not permitted in the Campus Recreation Center. Plastic closeable beverage containers are permitted. Food and gum are not permitted in any activity space.
•    Tobacco products are not allowed in the Campus Recreation Center.
•    Blocking or restriction of emergency exits is prohibited.
•    Unauthorized propping open of any door is prohibited.
•    Emergency telephones, intercoms, and exits are for emergency use only.
•    Customer service and kiosk phones are for office use only.
•    The staff offices and telephones are off limits to patrons unless permission to use them is given.
•    Pets, bicycles, in-line skates, and skateboards are not allowed inside the Campus Recreation Center.
•    Patrons must comply with decisions made by recreational sports staff.
•    Unauthorized use of video recording devices and photography is prohibited in all recreational sports facilities.


There are three courts in total: one designated squash court and two courts that can be converted from racquetball to squash courts.
These courts are used for recreational purposes, but they can also be used for intramurals leagues.

Reservations for the courts can be made up to 24 hours in advance in person at the front desk or by calling ext. 5222.

Please Note: An ID is required for court access
No black soles are allowed.
Eye wear is recommended while playing

Spinning: This high intensity cycling class is sure to bring your workout and body to a new level of fitness. Like nothing, you have done before the challenges in this workout vary from seated to standing, climbing to sprinting all choreographed to give you the ride of your life. Beware, this workout can be addicting!

Yoga: Based on the principles of the study of “YOGAFIT “ we have brought to you a noncompetitive, athletic style yoga using poses generated by HATHA yoga while still allowing you to gain flexibility and muscle tone. You will find yourself aligning, lengthening and strengthening your body and mind to help you gain focus in your studies or in life.

Tone & Sculpt: Want to see more results and definition in your muscles? This class is sure to chisel your muscles, free you from that wiggle and jiggle. With the use of resistance bands, dumbbells, and some power sculpting moves, you are sure to leave feeling the burn!

Butts & Gutts: So you want to work on your butt and abs. Then you can’t miss this class. Packed with exercises to sculpt and tone those troublesome areas we all wish looked better. Incase you can’t find a spot on the floor cause this is so popular, we have added a second one to the schedule. Don’t miss one of the hottest, most popular classes in the rec. center!

Pilates: An exercise system that is focused on building strength without bulk, improving flexibility and agility, and helping to prevent injury. It was developed in the 1920s by Joseph H. Pilates, who was a physical trainer and founder of The New York Pilates Studio®. It involves a series of controlled movements that engage both your body and mind. The primary focus is on awareness of the spine, proper breathing, core strength and flexibility. The outcome of Pilates training is a balanced body which is strong and supple, flat stomach, balanced legs, and a strong back.

ZUMBA: a fusion of hypnotic musical rhythms and tantalizing moves to create a dynamic workout system designed to be fun and EASY TO DO.
Zumba routines feature interval-training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Zumba has become nothing short of a revolution.

The Personal Training program is to assist our members as individuals. The Fitness center utilizes VOLT for personal training.

NOTE: No personal training of any kind is allowed by outside sources.    

Volt training is built on a foundation of over 50 years of sports science research. We use that foundation to help each and everybody train safely and effectively. You’ll see inside our app that your custom training is carefully curated for step-by-step progressions that equate to serious progress. There are no random movements in every training, ensuring you’re meeting your health, fitness and performance goals.

The app will keep your gym sessions interesting and enlightening, thanks to 1000s of HD videos and instructions on every movement, so you’re learning along the way. Plus, if you don’t have the right equipment, you can easily switch movements and get your sweat on.

Just some of the Programs offered

Lean and Toned: Designed to help you build lean, athletic muscles with well-rounded strength workouts that never feel stale. Emphasis on building lean muscle tissue and introducing more variety into your routine.

Strength and Size: Designed to help you get bigger and stronger with intensive muscle-building workouts. Emphasis on developing muscle mass and improving max strength.

Weight Loss: Designed to help you lose weight and feel more energetic with a balanced strength and cardio plan. Emphasis on building lean muscle while boosting your metabolism.

Contact Dr. Mark J. Andreozzi, Assistant Athletic Director to learn more and get set up on Volt.

Private personal training can be made available. Only personal trainers who are certified by a recognized accredited association perform personal training. A Roger Williams University (RWU) campus recreation staff member and/or those who have permission from Dr. Mark J. Andreozzi  Assistant Athletic Director.

NOTE: To participate in Personal Training Program: YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF THE FACILITY