About Us

Who We Are & How We Roll...

The Zine Team is an internship program through the Intercultural Center.  The team is comprised of four highly talented, deeply passionate, and fiercely intelligent group of students tasked with overseeing the production of the Intercultural Center’s digital zine. 

Our mission is simple:  To create a digital zine that honors freedom of expression and the promotion of intercultural dialogue by showcasing the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and narratives from the perspectives of RWU students. 

The Intercultural Center believes that in order to foster a positive, healthy and vibrant campus community, students must have access and opportunities to engage in a wide-range of conversations involving social justice, equity, and inclusion.  The Zine Team’s central purpose is to engage the campus in critical dialogue and self-reflection, foster a deeper understanding and awareness of culture, identity, and intersectionality, and promote genuine empathy and community connections. 

Student Voices Matter

The Zine Team centers student voices, experiences, and narratives that illuminate the complexities and interplay of social justice, culture and identity.  The zine is open to all students interested in submitting their original work that aligns with the Zine Team’s mission and purpose.  The categories for which students can submit their work include:

  • Short Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Personal Essay/Short Memoir
  • Opinion-Editorial (Op-Ed)
  • Journalistic Compositions
  • Visual Arts (photography, fine arts, design)

All submissions undergo a collaborative peer review process by the Zine Team, as well as by the Selection Committee comprised of University faculty and staff. 

Zine Team Aspirations – We have High Hopes!

The Zine Team will publish a yearly digital zine in the spring, with the first publication available in April 2018.  By creating a platform for free and creative expression, the Zine Team holds many hopes:

  • Inspire the RWU student body to submit their work and have their voices heard.
  • Inspire students to engage in the contents of the zine and begin to have open conversations with one another, whether in or outside the classroom setting.
  • Inspire faculty, staff and administrators to engage in the contents of the zine to foster a deeper understanding of the lives and experiences of RWU students.
  • Inspire the campus community toward active participation in intercultural learning and critical dialogue.